Volkswagen sets record for electric car sales in 2022

Volkswagen sets record for electric car sales in 2022

Volkswagen has plenty of reason to celebrate its performance in electric car sales. The German automaker recorded substantial growth in 2022, with a 23.8% increase in global registrations within its zero-emission line, reaching 330,000 units delivered to consumers.

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The highlight in the period was the Volkswagen ID.4 SUV, responsible for 170,000 units sold. Made on the MEB modular platform, the crossover is part of a good line of electric cars, completed by the ID.3, ID.5, ID.6 and ID.Buzz, which mark an attempt by the automaker not only to expand the strategy electrification, but also to insert itself as an option more focused on the premium segment of the market.

Part of this strategy can be confirmed during CES 2023, when Volkswagen unveiled another member of the ID line, the VW ID.7, a medium/large sedan that should be the most equipped, technological and luxurious model in the electric portfolio.

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According to Volkswagen, China was its best performing market, with 143,100 electric cars sold in 2022 and growth of 102.9%. North America, a square historically difficult for the automaker to conquer, recorded a 27.7% increase in sales, with the ID.4 also being responsible for most of them.

In a presentation during CES, by the way, the company revealed that it intends to make an important investment in the United States, expanding the production capacity of the plant in Chattanooga, in the state of Tennessee. To FreeGameGuide, the global CEO of Volkswagen, Thomas Schäfer, revealed that the idea is to reach a local market share of just over 5% (today just over 2%) – not just with electric cars.

It is worth remembering that Volkswagen should bring some of its electric models to Brazil from 2023. Among them are, in addition to the ID.4, the VW ID.Buzz, known as the electric Kombi, and possibly the brand new ID.7.

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Volkswagen ID.4 (Mojave)Volkswagen ID.4 (Mojave)Volkswagen ID.4 (Mojave)1/21

Volkswagen ID.4 (Mojave)