The most anticipated game releases for August 2020

The most anticipated game releases for August 2020

Big names from the past return to the world of games this month of August 2020. Absolute classics that seemed to be left aside are returning, some in a very surprising way, marking a great month, especially for those who use Microsoft platforms to play.

Of the main releases in the coming weeks, no less than three belong to the company's platforms. And for those who play on the PC, there is also the end of a great exclusivity, expanding the list of people who will be able to explore a strange world in which machines have taken the place of animals.

Without further ado, let's go to the main game releases in August 2020:

1. Fall Guys (8/4)

The success of the new Devolver Digital game may have seemed unexpected during the Beta testing phase, but just take a look at it to understand why. In the title developed by Mediatonic, we are in a different Battle Royale, which changes the weapons and the scenarios opened by the competition in the best Domingão do Faustão style.

Fall Guys is incredibly fun and colorful, with evidence that will generate laughter and hatred among friends, until just about the big winner. Best of all, it will be free, at least, for PlayStation 4 users who also subscribe to Plus. In addition to the console, the title will also be released for PCs on August 4.

2. Fast & Furious Crossroads (07/08)

Here we have an unusual union of names. Finally, Universal transforms into game one of the biggest franchises of the current cinema, Fast and Furious, bringing a story starring its main characters and bringing together the traditional action of films with the always fast cars driven by their protagonists. And in doing so, he joined Bandai Namco, which in turn chose a studio recognized by the simulators.

This is how, at the hands of Slightly Mad Studios and after a postponement caused by the coronavirus, Fast & Furious Crossroads arrives to deliver everything we saw in theaters, but now, we are the bandits at the wheel. The game arrives on August 7 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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3. Horizon Zero Dawn (07/08)

The Aloy saga hits a new platform this month, marking a change in strategy for Sony and also responding to fan requests. With the end of exclusivity on PS4, many more people will be able to play Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the most acclaimed titles of 2017, its launch year, which is about to gain a sequel in the next generation of consoles.

In the game, we are in a world that is both recognizable and strange, taken over by nature, but with machines instead of animals. As the hunter-protagonist, we will discover the mysteries of this post-apocalyptic land and, also, understand Aloy's own origins, which seem intertwined with the destiny of this world. Horizon Zero Dawn arrives on August 7 at the PC.

4. Hyper Scape (8/11)

A mix of Battle Royale with Player Number 1 gave rise to the first title of this style to come out of Ubisoft's hands. Free to play and with a first-person view, the game brings a technological style to the action and one of its main highlights is the integration with Twitch, with the spectators being able to change the course of the matches.

Who is watching can, for example, vote to make changes in the game world, revealing enemies, giving infinite ammunition to players or changing the gravity of the environment, among several other manipulations. In the end, whoever is last alive or who can hold the crown without dying for 45 seconds wins.

Hyper Scape, after a beta testing phase, arrives on August 11 on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

5. Microsoft Flight Simulator (8/18)

Here, we are talking about something that can be seen as more than just a game. After all, the reason is in the name – what we have is an aviation simulator, entitled to faithful reproductions of aircraft, cities and airports, marking a return of the franchise after 10 years of inactivity.

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Using the power of the cloud and the map data collected by Bing, Flight Simulator 2020 is developed by Asobo Studio in its own engine, which completely simulates the environment's reflections in the pilot, with the right to reproductions of what is happening in the real world. The title arrives on August 18 on the PC and will also be available on the Game Pass.

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6. Battletoads (8/20)

Another much awaited return is that of the coolest frogs in games. Battletoads is back after years of absence, requests and nominations from Microsoft, in a game that adopts a cartoonish look for a battle that was already playful and fun in itself, as well as incredibly difficult.

Rash, Pimples and Zitz are back in the showdown in this reboot, which also adds an online cooperative mode to the already traditional action with up to three players sharing the couch, which could be seen closely at the last edition of the Brasil Game Show. The game is developed by Dlala Studios in partnership with Rare and will arrive on August 20 on PC and Xbox One.

7. Tell me Why: Chapter one (08/27)

You can prepare the handkerchiefs to cry again. In their new work, Dontnod returns to the charge of the necessary and intimate themes to tell the story of the twins Alyson and Tyler, who return to their childhood residence and need to settle the score with the past, as well as their own family relationships after having left everything behind.

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Highlighting its trans protagonist, Tell Me Why also adds an air of mysticism to the story, with visions and memories that will show the two sides of the events that changed the twins' lives and took them away from the family, from each other and from themselves. The first chapter, of three that will land in the following weeks, arrives on August 27 for PC and Xbox One.

8. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions (27/08)

The best football game since the launch of Ronaldinho Soccer is about to reach our hands. Published by Bandai Namco, the character's first game with joy in his legs in more than 10 years arrives to bring ball control, great matches and, of course, the powers that only make fights even more interesting.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is developed by Tamsoft and mixes arcade elements with the actions of the lawns, in disputes that will arrive on August 27 on the PlayStation 4 and PC. The next day, the title also comes to Switch.

9. Project CARS 3 (08/28)

Slightly Mad Studios returns to the franchise that enshrined it for the third time to ride at high speed on more than 100 circuits and a few hundred cars, covering a good part of the motorsport categories. The traditional support for virtual reality devices is back, as well as the licensing of competitions and major brands.

In Project CARS 3, however, the producer adds a more accessible tone to a notoriously difficult simulator. Elements like fuel consumption, loss of tire grip and even pit stops have been left out, as well as other elements of gameplay and style that can open the doors, but also leave a lot of people aside. The game arrives on August 18 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.