That 70’s Show | Meet 4 tragedies and misfortunes involving the cast of the series

That 70's Show |  Meet 4 tragedies and misfortunes involving the cast of the series

That 90’s Show is about to debut on Netflix, bringing a continuation of That 70’s Show with new and returning characters. The original plot was quite successful while it was on the air, between the 1990s and 2000s, but there are some heavy events behind the cast’s life.

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Actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Tommy Chong and Lisa Robin Kelly have been involved in tragic cases, not all of whom are at fault in some way. As part of this cast is back in the spin-off, let’s remember or find out what tragedies and misfortunes they are involved in.

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4. Ashton Kutcher

In 2001, while That 70’s Show was still in its early seasons, Ashton Kutcher, who played Kelso, was dating Ashley Ellerin, a fashion design student. The relationship, however, was tragic, as the young woman was murdered in her own home.

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At the time, the actor said that he had spoken to Ashley by phone, warning that he would be late to meet her. When he arrived at the young woman’s house, he decided to look out the window to see if anyone was there, since he had no response to the knocks on the door. That’s when he saw something that looked like spilled wine on the floor, which was actually blood.

Ashton left the young woman’s house without entering, as he believed she would be angry for being late. Fortunately, the actor was never suspected of the crime, but came to participate in hearings on the case. The student’s killer was Michael Gargiulo, an air conditioning technician who was only convicted in 2019 of the murder of Ashley and other women.

The criminal, who stabbed the student to death, was classified as a serial killer. Michael Gargiulo was sentenced to death in July 2021.

3. Tommy Chong

Actor Tommy Chong, who played hippie Leo Chingwake in That 70’s Show and is best known for the movie Cheech & Chong, also had troubled moments in his life during the series, but nothing as serious as what happened to Ashton Kutcher.

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The comedian never denied his adoration for cannabis, which was represented a lot in That 70’s Show and many of his works. However, this passion has already caused him some problems, being arrested for selling objects to smoke marijuana in 2003. That is why the character was away from the plot for a few seasons, returning only in the last one.

Nothing serious happened during the actor’s imprisonment, nor at his leisure, but there is no denying that it is a part of his life that he prefers not to remember.

2. Danny Masterson

The biggest problems in Danny Masterson’s life happened years after his participation in That 70’s Show. The actor was accused of sexually abusing five women in the early 2000s, and when reports surfaced he was on The Ranch, from which he was fired.

The interpreter of the character Hyde in the sitcom denies the accusations, saying that the authorities already investigated these cases 15 years ago and that nothing has been proven. Three of the accusers belong to Scientology, a religion of which the actor is also a member, and the other two cases did not go forward due to lack of evidence.

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One of the victims also said that she even received a proposal of more than US$ 2 million for her not to talk about the case anymore. Recently, the actor went to trial in Los Angeles, but there was still no consensus on the accusation. If convicted, Danny faces up to 45 years in prison.

1. Lisa Robin

Actress Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Laurie Forman, sister of Eric (Topher Grace), had a difficult life until the day of her death in 2013 at the age of 43. Lisa participated in the first three seasons of That 70’s Show, but had to leave the plot because she suffered from alcohol and drug abuse.

She was arrested a few times for assault, domestic violence and drunk driving. Lisa Robin Kelly ended up dying in a rehabilitation clinic, and the cause of her death was drug intoxication.

The That 70’s Show spin-off, That 90’s Show, premieres on Netflix on January 19.