Pinocchio | Harriet actress to be Blue Fairy in Disney’s new live-action

Pinocchio |  Harriet actress to be Blue Fairy in Disney's new live-action

The Wrap has released some updates on the cast of Pinocchio’s live-action, which remains without a premiere date. The novelty is the actress Cynthia Erivo, who drew attention when playing the title character Harriet in the biographical drama of Kasi Lemmons.

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Erivo was cast to play the Blue Fairy. Thus, she joins the recently announced Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Miles from The Curse of Bly Mansion and who will play the voice of the puppet Pinocchio; and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Origin), who will make the Talking Cricket.

Blue Fairy from the Pinocchio animation, from 1940 (Image: Reproduction / Disney)

Erivo’s adherence contributes to the weight of the cast of Pinocchio, who already have other big names confirmed in the adaptation directed by Robert Zemeckis. In the role of Geppetto, the creator and father of Pinocchio, is Tom Hanks, who worked with Zemeckis in Forrest Gump: The Storyteller, Castaway and The Polar Express.

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The film will also have Luke Evans (Dracula: The Story Never Told) as The Coachman, Lorraine Bracco (The Good Companions) as Sofia, the Seagull, and Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu: Where’s My Cat?) As João Honesto.

Cynthia Erivo in Harriet’s official poster (Image: Playback / Focus Features)

Zemeckis signs the script for Pinocchio alongside Chris Weitz (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). The writer of the book Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi, was also involved in the 1940 animation script and, since only his name is credited among the screenwriters, it is possible that the story is being rethought not so much from the animation, but from the book by Collodi.

Produced by Walt Disney Pictures in partnership with Depth of Field, Pinocchio (not yet officially titled in Portuguese) will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in US theaters and Disney +. As there is no information about the release date, it is not yet possible to know if the launch will be traditional or hybrid.

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