National Treasury announces new title for university savings

National Treasury announces new title for university savings

The National Treasury is investing in novelties for 2023. This Monday (30th), the Treasury Renda+, a public security aimed at retirement, was launched on the Brazilian Stock Exchange. During the event, the organ’s secretary, Rogério Ceron, announced a new title that is being developed aimed at the costs of the university period.

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According to Ceron, it is a product similar to the RendA+ Treasury that can be customized to the student’s demands. “The child is born and the account can already be created by the parents or other family members. And then there is the amortization, but not in twenty years, as is the retirement title, but in a short period, of four years, five years” , he points out.

Like the new retirement bond, the product may offer inflation replacement and a premium. The secretary also reinforces that the Direct Treasury can be used in a safe, practical way, without the cost of high administration fees. The body expects three million potential investors.

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National Treasury news for 2023

Treasury RendA+ was developed to work as an additional retirement income. An IBGE study points out that 46% of retirees claim that the retirement amount is not enough to pay bills and personal expenses. The bond simplifies retirement planning by ensuring that the investor has an interest rate plus inflation variance.

Another novelty that may be launched in 2023 is the public bond linked to the ESG agenda (environmental, social and governance), check it out:

“We are interested in making an external issuance. This can encourage private Brazilian groups to access this international market. And they would use the Treasury rate as a benchmark for their issues. Studies show that, after the sovereign issuance, several others come. The market is open and creates a reference so that they can raise funds”, reveals the secretary.