Microsoft fixes 120 vulnerabilities at once in “patch festival”

Microsoft fixes 120 vulnerabilities at once in “patch festival”

On Tuesday, Microsoft delivered a package containing security updates to fix no less than 120 vulnerabilities in 13 different products. Among the software that participated in the “festival”, Windows, Edge, Office suite and Internet Explorer are included. Two loopholes were of the zero day type and were detected by the Russian company Kaspersky during a cyber counterattack.

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In addition, 17 breaches were categorized with a maximum severity level (10/10) by the Common Vulnerability Scoring System or CVSS, which means that their exploitation could cause serious damage to the security of the data of possible victims. It is worth remembering that the zero days were already being used by criminals to carry out scams.

The high volume of bugs fixed at once makes this August update the third largest patch festival in Microsoft's history, behind only June (when 126 gaps were fixed) and July (124 vulnerabilities) this year. . All users of affected products are instructed to install updates immediately to avoid problems with protecting their files.

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