Is fake! John McAfee arrest with panties on his face was just a joke

Is fake! John McAfee arrest with panties on his face was just a joke

On Tuesday (11) there was news that John McAfee had been arrested in Norway for wearing panties as a mask at the airport. However, according to information from the Swiss newspaper Blick, it was all a joke posted by the executive on Twitter.

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The story began on August 10, when McAfee said he arrived in Norway from California, without a mask to prevent COVID-19. To try to get past security, he would have worn panties on his face, which would have led him to prison in the country.

It turns out that McAfee wasn't even in Norway. In the photo, he shows an officer accompanying him with the writings "polizei", which, as he himself recalled on the social network, is the German word for "police", unrelated to the Norwegian "politi".

“Does the traditional media check the news? No. I thought the policeman's uniform in the photos clearly showed 'polizei' (German, not Norwegian – so it could be Germany, Switzerland, Bavaria or Austria), and many of the vehicles said that Norway was my place of arrest. Just because I said it was ”, criticized the executive.

The Swiss newspaper Blick contacted the German police to check the information. According to the police, the issue was that McAfee went to Germany directly from California, which would force him to be quarantined in the country due to COVID-19. As a result, he decided to continue his trip to Belarus, which is why he was accompanied by a police officer.

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And the issue of panties? Well, it seems that it was just a joke by the executive to criticize the lack of investigation by the mainstream media. Even German vehicles reported that the arrest had been in Denmark without realizing the writings on the uniform in the photo shared by McAfee.