iOS 14: 5 cool features that Apple didn't give as much prominence

iOS 14: 5 cool features that Apple didn't give as much prominence

IOS 14 is on its way to its final version and, while the beta is going around the world, we have already discovered several new functions in addition to those released by Apple. FreeGameGuide has already spoken in detail about some, such as the possibility of changing the browser or the default email app and also the touches on the back to print the screen or other tasks, but now it's time to focus on other news.

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In the next few paragraphs, we list five new features that have not gained much prominence so far, but which deserve to be mentioned as they will make life easier for anyone using an iPhone.

Search for emojis

iOS 14 finally includes searching for emojis on the iPhone (Image: Bruno Salutes / Screenshot)

Those who have used an Android phone may have experienced this wonder of the modern world: the search for emojis. Instead of always repeating the same expressive images in conversations, iOS 14 users will finally be able to find one that fits perfectly at any given time.

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The search box appears automatically whenever you open the emoji keyboard, so just type in your "feeling" and the most appropriate suggestions appear.

What's new on camera

Green dot in the upper corner, a little to the right, notifies you when the camera is activated (Image: Bruno Salutes / Screenshot)

The camera app also has some updates with features and new tricks to make taking photos even more enjoyable. One of them is the exposure adjustment, which can be locked for an entire photo shoot at sunset, for example. And finally Apple included an option to not mirror the selfies, that is, to register the photo the way you see it on the screen when making the capture.

There are also improvements in the speed of taking the photo, including prioritizing faster capture in the camera settings menu. And the possibility to use the volume up button to make a continuous shot and record several photos, while the volume down is for QuickTake, now also available on the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

In addition to all this, a security measure: whenever the camera is in use, a green dot will be displayed in the upper corner of the screen (see in the image), ideal to end up ensuring that no app is using the camera without you knowing it.

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Universal translator

iOS 14 will have a native translator that works with text and voice (Image: Bruno Salutes / Screenshot)

As of iOS 14, the iPhone will function natively as a universal translator. Just type a text or even let the device hear a phrase to show everything, in text, in your native language. The function was already present by Siri, and now it becomes a separate and quite powerful app on the Apple system.

For now, iOS 14 supports the languages ​​German, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, French, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Siri Suggestion Widget

Siri will suggest apps at the time you use most (Image: Bruno Salutes / Screenshot)

The new widgets have already revolutionized iOS on their own, but Apple has gone a step further and created a special one for Siri, which brings some suggestions based on what you do on your iPhone. If a podcast you accompany launches a new episode, for example, the widget is replaced by the podcast, making it easier to play the audio.

If you are in the habit of opening a delivery app every day at a certain time, the widget becomes the application in question to facilitate ordering. In other words, it is a type of joker that uses artificial intelligence to simplify your daily life.

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Safari: more security and translator

Safari will also translate foreign websites into your preferred language (Image: Bruno Salutes / Screenshot)

Another native app that has received some news is Safari, which may even stop being the default browser, if you prefer. But Apple wants to keep its browser with the best option for most users, and offers facilities regarding their passwords, for example, in addition to including a native translator.

Another new feature is a service that notifies you when any password saved in iCloud Keychain is involved in a data leak. Safari will send an alert for you to replace and maintain the security of your account in the same style as Firefox Monitor, for example.

And just like Chrome, Safari will also suggest website translations in other languages ​​to help you browse the internet and read news from around the world in a minimally understandable way.

Did you miss any cool features of iOS 14 that were not mentioned in the list and did not get the due attention? Leave your tip in the comments!