How to download and activate Photoshop

How to download and activate Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the technology industry standards when it comes to image editing. Used all over the world by professionals in all fields, not just those related to art and design, Adobe software brings together all the functions necessary to perform from simple cutouts and resizing to making subtle changes or creating complete pieces of art.

Downloading the application is also an easy task, with just a few clicks on the official Adobe website to purchase the product, perform the activation and download Photoshop. Check out, in this tutorial, how to do this:

Step 1: Access the Photoshop website at and click the Buy Now button;

Button on Adobe's official website dedicated to Photoshop gives direct access to the application purchase and download process (Image: Reproduction / FreeGameGuide)

Step 2: Choose the most suitable plan for your profile and, again, click Buy Now;

Photoshop is available in different packages on the Adobe website, individually or together with other applications in the Creative Cloud suite (Image: Reproduction / FreeGameGuide)

Step 3: Enter your email in the corresponding field and click Proceed to payment. You must enter your credit card information to complete your purchase and start your Photoshop subscription;

Once the plan has been chosen, it is necessary to enter the credit card details for the monthly Photoshop subscription to be activated (Image: Reproduction / FreeGameGuide)

Step 4: After the process is over, go back to the Adobe website and log in with your email and password used in the purchase;

After completing the purchase process, just login with the same credentials to access the available applications and start the download (Image: Reproduction / FreeGameGuide)

Step 5: You will be redirected to the home page again. Now, just click Download to download Photoshop to your computer;

Download links appear at the home of Adobe's official website after the Photoshop purchase process is complete (Image: Reproduction / FreeGameGuide)

Step 6: Click on the downloaded executable and proceed further through the installation process. At the end, open Photoshop and the software, again, will ask for login and password. Enter the account information used for purchase and the product will be activated.

Installation process must be completed before activating Photoshop, which is done directly in the application, when it is opened for the first time (Image: Reproduction / FreeGameGuide)

Extra step: If the login screen does not appear, you can remain using the application until this happens or proceed directly to the activation process by clicking on the top menu in Help and then Enter. Again, the user must enter the email and password used when purchasing Photoshop to activate.

Activation can also be done through the Photoshop Help menu, via the Activate or Sign in option. Login and password will be required for confirmation (Image: Disclosure / Adobe)

At the time this tutorial is written, Photoshop costs R $ 90 per month individually or R $ 43 in a package that comes with Lightroom, focused on the photography market. The software has special prices for students and teachers when purchasing the entire suite of Adobe Creative Cloud applications.