HBO's The Last of Us series will have cut scene from original game

HBO's The Last of Us series will have cut scene from original game

The Last of Us franchise is already a success in games and can gain plot details for its adaptation to TV series by HBO. The show is being directed by Craig Mazin of Chernobyl, who has said he would like to expand the game universe on TV. In an interview with the BBC, he said he already knew of a scene that was cut from the original game and will make its debut in the series.

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He's in conversations with Neil Druckman, creator of the game who is working as a co-producer on the series. Mazin said he heard about developing the cut scene from The Last of Us, as it didn't work as a game, but is perfect for TV.

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Upon hearing the idea, Mazin said it is "jaw-dropping" and convinced Druckman to put the idea on the show. “‘ Obviously, we have to do this. You cannot stop me from doing this. You would have to shoot me for that ’. It was something like that that I answered for him ”, says the director.

Game features Ellie and Joel as main characters (Photo: Disclosure / Sony)

What would that scene be? Mazin does not describe or give hints of what it would be, clearly keeping the secret for the final product. Since the idea was pulled from the title on PlayStation 3, only Druckman and his team should know what it is about.

The director of Chernobyl has already said that he would like to put some different touches between the original game and the series for HBO. However, the main narrative must be the same. According to him, it will be possible to explore more characters, including those who are not protagonists in the franchise.

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According to the producers, the series will deal with events related to the original PlayStation 3's The Last of Us, whose plot takes place 20 years after the devastation of civilization. Ellie is one of the few survivors and immune to the fungus that turns humans into something close to zombies. In Joel's company, she must cross the United States in search of a society that stands.

In addition to Mazin, Johan Renck, who produced five episodes of Chernobyl, will also serve as director of the pilot episode of The Last of Us.

The program has no release date yet.