Google seeks U.S. license to continue business with Huawei

Google seeks U.S. license to continue business with Huawei

Even with the new business extension for Huawei with US companies, Google does not seem to want to have another extension. According to the German website Heise Online, the company applied for a special license from the United States to continue supplying its technologies to the Chinese company.

The revelation was made by Sameer Samat, vice president for Google Play and Android, in an interview with the DPA news agency.

The license requested by Google is the same license obtained by Microsoft in late 2019 and authorizes U.S. companies to supply their technologies and products to the company on the U.S. Department of Commerce exclusion list.

If granted, the authorization would, for example, allow Huawei to continue installing Google services such as the Play Store and North American apps.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the AppGallery

As long as Google does not obtain its license – and mainly to not depend on Google and the US government – Huawei continues to seek popular apps for its AppGallery. The company's chief executive, Richard Yu, said he expects Facebook, Twitter and Instagram apps to be available on Huawei's own app store soon.

The initiative to search for popular apps is just one end of the strategy of the Chinese company, which already designs its own processors and modems for smartphones and tablets, is developing its own operating system and would be looking for a partnership with Chinese companies Xiaomi and Oppo to create a unified app store.

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The original ban on U.S. companies doing business with Huawei was signed in May 2019. Since then, the Donald Trump government has granted temporary licenses every three months, the last of which was in November last year. The November extension term would expire on the 16th, but it was extended again, this time, for a period of 45 days, curiously ending on April 1st.