Every Day the Same Night | Discover the Netflix series about the tragedy at Kiss Nightclub

Every Day the Same Night |  Discover the Netflix series about the tragedy at Kiss Nightclub

The series Every Day at the Same Night arrives on Netflix this Wednesday (25), a national production that recounts the tragedy involving the fire at Kiss Nightclub, in 2013, which resulted in the death of more than 240 young people in Rio Grande do Sul. And what is striking is that this is not a documentary, but a dramatization focused not only on the incident itself, but on the implications of the case and the families’ fight for justice.

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So much so that this must be the center of the narrative throughout the five episodes of the miniseries. Adapted from the book of the same name by journalist Daniela Arbex, the series traces the entire panorama that explains the circumstances of the fire and the police investigation, but it is in the waiting of more than 10 years for answers and punishments that the plot must focus to show the pain of who relives the tragedy daily — as the title makes clear.

This is something that Netflix’s promotional videos also make a point of highlighting. Both the released trailer and behind-the-scenes video indicate that everything should really revolve around this emotional side much more than presenting new looks at the case. Still, it’s a great way to keep the history and memory of the victims alive.

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remember the case

The Kiss nightclub fire is one of the biggest tragedies of its kind in Brazil, with 242 people killed in a single night — the vast majority of university students. The incident happened in the early hours of January 27, 2013 in the city of Santa Maria, about 280 kilometers from Porto Alegre, due to a pyrotechnic display at the nightclub.

At one point in their show, the band Gurizada Fandangueira used flares to shoot sparks onto the stage. However, the device was only supposed to be used outdoors and the flames reached the soundproofing foam inside the building. With that, the nightclub was quickly engulfed in fire and smoke. More than that, the night case was crowded, which also made evacuation difficult.

Reports at the time and the investigation carried out shortly thereafter indicated that the fire took over Kiss in just a few minutes. This rapid spread, added to the lack of safety protocols and overcrowding in the house, meant that people were unable to leave the site in time.

More than that, the fire also exposed a series of other problems involving the nightclub and the public power itself, which was silent on several issues. From irregular permits to lack of inspection, there was no lack of elements that helped to build the tragedy of Santa Maria.

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Because of all this, families of victims and also survivors have started a crusade to punish those responsible for the tragedy – a war that spans 10 years and that the Netflix miniseries intends to address more.

Dramatization not documentary

The point that most draws attention in Todo Dia a Mesma Noite is the fact that it is a dramatization and not a documentary — something that is being done by Globoplay, which will launch a production showing the same story under this more journalistic bias on Thursday. -Friday (26). And that approach says a lot about the tone the story should take.

Documentary series such as O Caso Evandro and Pacto Brutal have shown how powerful this type of language is when presenting a case and, based on the reports of those involved, telling what happened and going beyond both in terms of seeking answers and providing information. news on the topic. A dramatization, on the other hand, tends to follow by retelling events from a specific narrative.

In the case of Every Day at the Same Night, the title and promotional material already indicate that the idea is to go back to the night of January 27, 2013 and present the facts from the perspective of these survivors and their families. Daniela Arbex’s book does a beautiful job of gathering these testimonials and giving these people a face and voice, something that the Netflix miniseries should also recreate.

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Not by chance, streaming bet on a weighty cast to live the fathers and mothers of the victims. Bel Kowarick, Debora Lamm and Paulo Gorgulho play people whose lives were shattered by the loss of their children that morning and who made it their life’s goal to fight for justice, seeking answers and blame for what happened at the nightclub. And that shows how much the dramatic tone must be at the heart of the adaptation.

And although many people questioned whether it was too early to portray the story in this more fictional light, those involved in the production refute the hypothesis.

In a recent video released by Netflix, director Julia Rezende and producers Mariza Leão and Tiago Rezende explain that the objective of the miniseries is not to let this story be forgotten, which is also a way to prevent new tragedies of this type from recurring. . “Every Day at the Same Night is about keeping alive in our memory a story that should never be forgotten”, says actor Thelmo Fernandes.

Every Day the Same Night will have five episodes and arrives on Netflix on January 25th.