Chrome apps will stop running on Windows 10, Linux and MacOs in March

Chrome apps will stop running on Windows 10, Linux and MacOs in March

Google had already announced in 2016 that it would shut down Chrome apps in the browser versions for Windows 10, Linux and MacOS. That's because many of the web software itself is already able to accomplish what the main browser utilities offer and, well, little people actually make use of them.

As of March, only ChromeOS machines will continue to have access to Chrome Store software.

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The initial idea was to end support at the end of 2018, but the company decided to extend the life of these apps so that developers can transition these apps to the web, in the form of Progressive Web Apps, a web page hybrid with a mobile app. .

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It is worth mentioning that the end of Chrome Apps on Windows 10, Linux and MacOs does not mean the same thing as the death of extensions. Apps have their own interfaces and are hosted on the system, while add-ons are created to optimize browser experiences. Therefore, the latter will continue to be developed on all platforms, including the new Edge Explorer, Microsoft's browser based on the Chromium platform, the same as Chrome.

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After Chrome Apps ended in March, support for apps ends in 2020. – however, customers with Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade will continue to receive updates. In June 2021, Chrome will no longer support NaCl, PNaCl and PPAPI application programming interfaces.