App brings 80 professional courses for those who want to pursue digital careers

App brings 80 professional courses for those who want to pursue digital careers

Digital training school, Gama Academy announced on Tuesday (23) the launch of Gama Station, an application that offers immersive education in the areas of Programming, Design, Sales and Marketing. With more than 100 hours of content, the app has individual and group challenges, based on the demands of large companies, in order to encourage the creation of products for the portfolio.

Gama Station offers 80 courses in four different areas of the digital market. In addition to technical deepening, the platform also trains behavioral skills, the so-called soft skills of the student, such as the ability to deliver and team collaboration. The content was developed based on the demand of more than 600 companies served by the Gama Academy, for training and recruitment of professionals in the digital market. Some companies like MagazineLuiza, Itaú and Ambev were part of this corporate branch of the school, which grew 340% only last year.

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Game Station application interface: 100 hours of content

“Technology companies, or those undergoing digital transformation, see Gama as a talent academy,” said Guilherme Junqueira, CEO of Gama Academy. “The market noticed that our students were ready to take places in their companies and started to seek out our corporate training methods and courses to be applied to all other professionals in the house and new employees in the digital areas. ”.

How the Gama Station works

Gama Station allows students to create their own track through the main formations in the digital market, known as “the four H’s”: Hacker (developers), Hipster (UX / UI Design), Hustler (sales and customer service) and Hyper ( digital marketing and growth hacking). All can be accessed in the mobile version or in the browser. Within its 100 hours of content there are classes, fixation exercises and challenges.

Gama Station Learning Trails

With classes taught by professionals in the market, the playlists at Gama Station were designed for both beginners and the more experienced who seek to expand their technical and theoretical knowledge. The differential is the possibility of creating programs, parts and products in the challenges. The platform also simulates everyday tasks and situations in large companies in the digital market, in order to develop material for the portfolio.

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Pokémon Store

One of the first challenges proposed to programmers, for example, is the creation of a virtual Pokemon store through APIs (Application Programming Interface). With interface suggestions pre-approved by the design team, the student has to develop the entire purchase trajectory, with the product catalog, side cart, search bar etc.

The application also includes the composition of teams, with professionals from different areas for the delivery of projects and career diagnoses, carried out by the platform itself – this practice is a tradition in the training programs of the Gama Academy. Students will be able to join communities with other students and professionals in the field, participating in mentoring and forming networking networks.

Gam Station’s goal is to reach up to 1,000 students by the end of the year. New subscribers will get 7 days of unlimited access to the platform, which offers two subscription options: the annual one for R $ 49.90 and the monthly one for R $ 59.90. The free version entitles you to introductory classes to the digital market.

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“We believe that qualified talents are formed by skills, learning and real experiences created in the community,” continues Junqueira. “These companies have been less concerned with certificates of completion, as they say nothing about the ability to execute”.

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