8 min Tablet Second version of Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) leaks with symmetrical edge screen

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More and more signs reinforce that Samsung is preparing the launch of the new Galaxy Tab A8 for the coming weeks. And, after the manufacturer’s cheap tablet had its design leaked and some specs anticipated, a new rendering indicates that Samsung is planning something more.

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Republicaning a post regarding the processor and memories of the new Galaxy Tab A8, the renowned leaker Evan Blass shared an image of what could be a more powerful version of the Tab A8 line.

Evan Blass releases image of supposedly stronger version of Tab A8 from 2021 (Image: Playback/Evan Blass)

In the image we can see the tablet with a wider aspect ratio screen (when horizontally, and taller when vertically). Just from the front panel it is clear that this is a more refined version of the Tab A8, as it has all symmetrical and thinner edges.

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The wallpaper used on the device refers to the standard adopted in the Tab S7 line, but because it was shared in a post about the Tab A8, it is possible that we are seeing a more powerful version of the series of intermediate tablets from Samsung.

Common version of Galaxy Tab A8 (2021) will have asymmetrical edges (Image: Playback/OnLeaks)

The leak regarding the Galaxy Tab A8 showed the device with just a rear camera, no flash, side volume and power buttons, plus thicker edges at the top and bottom of the screen (considering the horizontal orientation).

Rumors suggest that the model in question will be equipped with an entry-level Unisoc Tiger T618 chip, in addition to offering at least 3GB of RAM and up to 128GB of storage.

If Samsung is developing a “Tab A8 Plus” — or something like that — news should emerge in the coming days.