7 minAppsWhat is it and how to use Uber Planet

7 minAppsWhat is it and how to use Uber Planet


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Have you ever been to order a ride through Uber and found the Uber Planet option? This travel category in the application has a sustainable proposal and uses part of the value to act in the compensation of carbon gases.

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In Brazil, Uber Planet is available in the cities of Florianópolis (SC), Natal (RN), Maringá (PR), São José dos Campos (SP), São Paulo (SP), Campos dos Goytacazes (RJ), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brasília (DF) and Recife (PE). Want to place an order with this travel mode? Check the instructions!

What is Uber Planet?

Uber Planet is an Uber travel category with the aim of offsetting the emission of polluting gases during rides made on the platform. In Brazil, this functionality was introduced in October 2021, in partnership with the company Carbonext, which works with carbon credits for the preservation of the Amazon Forest.

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Available in the UberX and Comfort modes, this option charges a higher price compared to the conventional ride and uses part of the money to purchase carbon credits, used in reforestation projects. An Uber Planet ride is estimated to be 5% more expensive than the app’s traditional fares.

For the user, the only difference between Uber Planet and other services is the price. The wait time is usually the same for UberX and Uber Comfort, and the order in the most sustainable modality is done through the same app, following the traditional step by step.

How to use Uber Planet

  • Open the Uber app (Android | iOS) and enter the departure and arrival addresses for your trip. It is necessary to include locations of the cities that support the Uber Planet service, mentioned above;
  • Then, on the categories screen for your trip, swipe until you find the “UberX Planet” or “Comfort Planet” option. Tap to proceed;
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  • Choose a payment method and confirm your trip. The rest of the procedure is similar to that of other Uber rides: wait for a driver and follow the information about the route, distance and vehicle model.

  • Learn how to order a ride with Uber Planet on your cell phone (Screenshot: André Magalhães)

    Ready! After these steps, you will be able to order Uber with the contribution to offset the emission of carbon gases.