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About PlayStation 5

The device comes equipped with a very high-speed SSD with 825 GB. The hardware in question was developed exclusively for the console, which generates high compatibility and very high speeds in storage and reading. This way, loading screens and game startup moments happen in a matter of seconds.

As a next-generation console, the PS5 can run games in 4K and at up to 120 frames per second. As a result, not only do the images become much more beautiful and rich in detail, but the animations also become smoother and more fluid. Another positive point is that it comes with an 8K video output, which allows the console to be connected to TVs with this type of very high resolution.

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Furthermore, the PS5’s main highlight is exclusive titles, which are the most anticipated of the year. Games like Ratchet & Clank and even Horizon Forbidden West can only be played on the PlayStation 5.

🛒 Buy the PlayStation 5 with disc player from R$3,599 on Pix