52 sec Entertainment Hard to Kill | Producer Discards Action Franchise Prequel

52 sec Entertainment Hard to Kill |  Producer Discards Action Franchise Prequel

A look at producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura’s IMDb page reveals as announced the McClane title, which references Bruce Willis’ character in the action classic Duro de Matar. There, the title credits the actor’s possible return, in addition to defining the project’s director and screenwriters. In an interview with Polygon, however, the producer dashed fans’ hopes and explained that the film is cancelled.

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The information emerged at a press conference to publicize Bonaventura’s latest work, the GI Joe spin-off titled Snake Eyes. When asked about McClane, the producer said the project is not underway, “but what was really interesting was that we had an idea to do this. It was a project that wasn’t Hard to Kill, which eventually became Hard to Kill.”

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Image: Reproduction/20th Century Fox

The producer also commented on the direction McClane was taking, but explained that the project is no longer under his supervision. Currently, the rights to the franchise are with Disney, which acquired the title with the purchase of 20th Century Fox. Bonaventura also commented on this process, explaining that there is no information about the project since it changed hands:

“The interesting thing about our idea is that it would allow you to meet young John McClane and use Bruce [Willis]. It was very interesting in that sense. You would kind of see both versions of it. A bit like The Godfather II. I don’t know what Disney’s plans are.”

In 2013, a complete script, full of specifications, titled “Old Habits Die Hard” (which we could translate as “Old Habits are Hard to Kill”) appeared on the internet and told a side story, as indicated by the producer. So far, Disney has not spoken out about the future of the franchise.

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