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The website WABetainfo , which specializes in unraveling possible future features of WhatsApp, announced this Friday (10) that a new tool is in development for the messenger on iOS: the transcription of audio messages.

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The function, which is still under development and is due to arrive in the future for the iOS WhatsApp beta, allows the messenger to transcribe audio messages for the user.

According to information published by WABetaInfo, the message will not be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook servers, but processed by Apple’s voice recognition technology, present in the brand’s devices. The company will also use the audios to improve its technology, but without relating the voice to the identity of the person who recorded the sound message.

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Special permission will be required

Also according to WABetainfo, the new tool will be optional, but users who want to use it will have to give special permission for the app. The function will be accessed from a “Transcript” session on the messenger, where users will also be able to choose to transcribe specific parts of an audio.

Permission required to use the new function (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)

For now, there is no information on whether the audio transcript will also be available on WhatsApp for Android. On iOS, the function must first be available in an update of the Messenger beta version.

The function is nothing new in Telegram, which can transcribe audios with the help of bots added to conversations; however, the feature is not native to the application. In the WhatsApp case, the function may be part of the program itself, without depending on other software to work. It is worth noting that not everything that is in the testing phase reaches the final consumer, so there is no confirmation that the tool will actually be released, let alone a distribution date.

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