5 min Health Return of restrictions: see which states readopt measures against covid

5 min Health Return of restrictions: see which states readopt measures against covid

At least 8 Brazilian states have re-adopted restriction measures to contain the transmission of the Ômicron variant (B.1.1.529) of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, such as Pernambuco, Amapá and Piauí. This is because, in recent weeks, a new wave of covid-19 has begun to hit Brazil, driven by the holidays and end-of-year festivities.

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Since the last quarter of 2021, Brazilian authorities have relaxed measures to control the pandemic, such as the use of masks in open spaces and the return of events that promote agglomerations – such as parties, concerts and football games. However, this month’s scenario is different, even if, at the moment, the number of deaths remains stable.

States adopt new restrictions to contain the wave of the Ômicron variant (Image: Reproduction/AnnaStills/Envato Elements)

On Wednesday (12), the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine (Abramed) warned of the risk of Brazil running out of supplies for Covid-19 tests. In view of this, the entity recommends prioritizing the use of tests, preferably for more serious cases.

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Which states have re-adopted restrictions?

Below, check out the measures adopted by the states to contain the Ômicron:


The government of Amapá limited the capacity of events to 50% of the public, in addition to requiring vaccine passport and the use of masks. Bars must respect the minimum distance of 1 meter and tables can have a maximum of six chairs. The idea is to stop the wave of Ômicron cases.


In Amazonas, events with ticket sales are prohibited. Now, private gatherings — such as weddings and birthday parties — are limited to 200 people and must take place in spaces with only 50% occupancy. Fines can be applied for those who fail to comply with the guidelines.


Fans at football games are again limited to contain cases of covid-19 (Image: Reproduction / Pixabay / Pexels)

The government of Bahia announced the limit of 3 thousand people for large events, such as football matches. In addition, it is necessary to present the vaccine passport and the use of masks is mandatory. To enter bars and restaurants, it is also necessary to present the vaccination certificate.

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In a decree, the government of Ceará restricted events to a maximum of 500 people, if they take place in open environments. For events in closed places – and with less air circulation, which favors the transmission of covid-19 -, the limit drops to 250 people. Measures must be valid for the entire month of January and beginning of February.

federal District

To contain new cases of covid-19, the government of the Federal District has banned events, since Wednesday (12), with ticket charges, such as concerts, festivals and nightclubs.


In Maranhão, the use of masks is again mandatory in closed environments. This rule already existed in municipalities that had less than 70% of the population fully vaccinated — two doses or a single dose immunizer — but it was expanded to all cities.


Vaccine passport becomes the rule for entry into commercial establishments, such as bars and restaurants (Image: Reproduction/Sonyachny/Envato Elements)
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From Friday (14), the vaccination passport will be mandatory for entry into bars and restaurants. In addition to the initial regimen, anyone over 55 will need to have also received a booster dose. The requirement will apply to theaters, cinemas and museums.

In events with more than 300 people, it will be necessary to present a passport and also a negative test for covid-19 (antigen or PCR). Establishments can operate with up to 50% of capacity.


In Piauí, open events, theaters and cinemas can work with 50% of the public capacity. Now, semi-open events can have up to 500 people. In addition to the public limitation, it is necessary to present proof of vaccination against covid-19 for entry into numerous establishments, such as event houses or gyms.

São Paulo

In the state of São Paulo, the government announced a 70% capacity limit for sporting events, such as fans at football matches. For other events, the same proportion must be followed. However, no decrees or sanctions have been announced for those who disrespect the guidance.