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Apple suffers from the covid-19 pandemic. Even with enough stock for year-end sales, the brand forecasts low consumer demand for the coming weeks, and warns its suppliers of low demand for iPhones expected in early 2022.

  • New iPhone SE with 5G will be Apple’s bet on the midsize market
  • The end of the year heats up sales of iPhones and Apple must surpass Samsung

The information was published by the Bloomberg newspaper this week. Such notice should not reflect sales forecast for the last quarter of 2021, as year-end promotions and holidays drive sales volume for Apple products.

In October, Apple approved a production cut of 10 million units for lack of availability of parts and processors, reducing the target from 90 million to 80 million models manufactured.

Apple already predicts reduction in iPhone sales in early 2022 (Image: Playback/Apple)

Just yesterday we reported that the end of the year has heated up iPhone sales and that estimates indicate that Apple should outperform competitors in cellphone sales during the last quarter of 2021.

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The low sales scenario for the beginning of 2022 was already expected, as the first quarter of the year tends to be lower than the previous period, but the launch of the next iPhone SE as Apple’s cheapest 5G cell phone should boost its sales volume in the future. end of the first trimester.