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Since Mortal Kombat 9released in 2011, it is possible to say that the franchise Mortal Kombat found a good basis to evolve. The game, which served as a reboot for the series, changed the gameplay style enough to seem new and showed a new path for the NetherRealm Studios team to follow in the next games.

After two games that evolved the formula and brought graphical and performance improvements, Mortal Kombat 1 promises a new reboot. This time, restarting the plot (to a certain extent), and delivering a new evolution to the gameplay, the game remains firm on the previously consolidated basis, but still managing to be different enough from past titles.

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Reboot that is continuation

The events of the DLC Aftermathin Mortal Kombat 11, already made clear the path that the franchise would follow in the next game. After a battle for reality itself, Liu Kang emerged victorious in the role of a new god, planning the recreation of the universe.

This is the universe we know in Mortal Kombat 1. Elements that are very familiar to fans return in a new guise, as Raiden is now a mortal, Mileena is the heir to the throne of Outworld (Outworld in the original). As much as everything wants to look new, it still has the same old taste. Mortal Kombat from before, which isn’t particularly bad.

Trying something very different might alienate fans and even new players, as the franchise is immensely well-known, but to a certain extent, the unfolding story doesn’t seem as interesting as it could be. There are changes that are very welcome, such as the change in the alignment of some characters, who were previously villains and now become allies, which help to create a new dynamic between the fighters.

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However, everything follows the tone of previous games, with situations that repeat themselves, as forces in the universe seem to ensure that some events need to happen to specific characters to maintain the balance of things.

This reminds me a little of what was done in MK 9, which means that until the last chapters, the story loses strength. The last act of the story of Mortal Kombat 1 It’s completely crazy. Whether this is good or bad depends on how much you enjoy the franchise’s plot.

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Personally, I confess to having been intrigued when the idea was mentioned, but the development towards resolving MK1 It seemed rushed to me and without the impact it could have had.

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Fighting as always, but now with help

Going through the story and getting to what really matters, Mortal Kombat 1 It’s exactly what you expect from a game in the franchise. Even though it brings some very interesting new features that make it different enough from Mortal Kombat 11it will still be extremely familiar to anyone who, for example, only played the 2011 title.

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It’s impressive how NetherRealm Studios manages to refine the franchise’s gameplay Mortal Kombat with each new chapter and experimenting with some new features, such as the Kameos in MK1.

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Now, players can select a second character before combat that can help them. These are fighters who ended up being left out of the list of selectable figures, many with the classic look in which they appeared previously.

Names like Jax, Kano, Sonya Blade are now supporting players, although decisive in many fights. These Kameos have their own energy bar and can be called upon by the player to deliver a blow that makes a difference when breaking an opponent’s defense.

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With each Kameo having up to three moves of its own, it is possible to choose assistants who can cover possible fighter defects, something that, in the hands of a player who knows what he is doing, makes combat much more competitive.

The online mode of Mortal Kombat 1 It’s very reminiscent of the last game in the franchise, with seasons that allow players to unlock items and skins, with netcode that works well when putting fighters of the same level to fight.

There is still room for improvements, such as creating rooms or more matchmaking options. During our tests, it wasn’t difficult to find opponents of similar levels, but there was often a delay for the connection to be made quickly, making the wait while staring into space considerable (tests carried out with high-speed internet, on cable, on a PS5).

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Invasion mode mixes beating and RPG

Is there a way in Mortal Kombat 1 called Invasions, in which the player chooses a character and is placed in a scenario that closely resembles a board. Going to each space in the location, you face different fighters, being able to equip items to improve your performance.

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The mode mixes elements from the old Konquest and Tower of Time modes, with fighters with elemental weaknesses and advantages, being able to evolve their character as if it were an RPG.

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Although initially interesting, this mode becomes quite tedious because most of the fights are extremely easy, which makes everything repetitive. This mode should work for seasons, in which you also unlock different skins and items for your fighters.

It is expected that the game will be able to deliver more challenging combats in future seasons, making Invasions mode a little more fun. There is potential there, I believe it is still possible to improve it without difficulty.

Finish him

Mortal Kombat 1 is another great game in the NetherRealm Studios franchise. Miraculously, with each new chapter, the studio manages to innovate, without ruining everything it did previously. Basically refining what was done before and experimenting a little with some new features, the game should please fans of the series and those who don’t touch a title. MK since the beginning of the franchise.

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It’s not a perfect game, its story mode still gets a little lost at times, other game modes are competent, but could be more challenging, but nothing that ruins the fun for players.

For those who just want to have that fighting game with a lot of violence, there isn’t much to discuss. Mortal Kombat 1 is available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch and PC.