20th Century Fox brand ceases to exist, because Disney wants it that way

20th Century Fox brand ceases to exist, because Disney wants it that way

20th Century Fox will no longer have this name. After buying the studio for $ 71 billion, Walt Disney Co. wants to remove the Fox brand from its companies. The renaming is expected to take place at two of its main new companies.

The first will be with 20th Century Fox, a renowned film studio, which will be renamed only 20th Century Studios. The second will be Fox Searchlight, the company's arm focused on producing visual and art developments. This will be called Seachlight Pictures, losing the main original parent brand.

The news came in an internal memo for employees and later confirmed by Disney's press office to the Variety website. The giant, however, gave no clear reason for the switch.

20th Century should now be the brand for more mature films, outside of the family-oriented Disney name. On the list for this year, they are already Downhill, with Will Ferrell; and Call of the Wild, by Harrison Ford. Both features will already hit theaters with the new brand without the Fox name.

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The bullshit would be with Trump

According to The New York Times, the move may be related to the departure of Disney from Fox Corp. This company still owns Fox News, known for being a controversial vehicle in the United States. Thus, removing the Fox name from the studios could remove the connection between the two companies.

Fox News belongs to Rupert Murdoch, a supporter of Donald Trump, and to suppress any relationship with the Republican, Disney would have made the decision.