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Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Spins don’t come very easily. You’ve got to wait for a certain time before you can use the Coin Master slot machine again. But there are a number of other ways of getting free spins rather than waiting impatiently. One of the easiest way is to grab all the daily coin master free spins and coins links that is shared on various platforms by the Publisher Moon Active. So here we make it easy for you by collection all the today’s free coin master spins and coins link at one place and sharing it on this page. So now just click and collect all the coin master free rewards and gifts from the below links and start completing running events and daily competition.

Coin Master Free Spins March 2023

There is also other option to get free spins by Inviting your friends to play coin master. Every time you invite a friend to play, you can get up to 40  to 120 free spins. But remember that your friend needs to login and play the game for you to get the reward. Another way is you can send and receive spins daily. You can gift each other coins and spins and your own spin count won’t decrease! In this way, players can get up to 100 spins every day.

Today’s Daily Coin Master Free Spins Links 2023

21 March 2023

20 March 2023

19 March 2023

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12 March 2023

11 March 2023

About the Game

The game was lunched back in 2016.Four years later, it has become one of the top grossing games at the Google and Apple Play Stores. This free game has now over 100 million+ downloads worldwide. It has over 250+ levels. A single player game based on strategy, use of clever tactics and no graphic violence, it is enjoyed by all ages. The game itself does recommend for the use to be 12+ in order to deal with the in-game purchases and some other game reasons such as simulated gambling but this does not concern kids much as they are playing just for fun. The game has a growing popularity and following as it makes its way up the charts.

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

How to play

The game is easy to play but we have to play our cards well and properly if we want to reach the top of the game. You can play the game either as a guest or linking it to your Facebook account. You will then follow some basic steps of how to start off with the new game. The game’s main goal is to allow the gamer to upgrade their villages by winning coins but at the same time defending their villages from other attacks.
Coins are won by three ways, each involving the slot machine. Before we get into them, we need to know about the characters:

1. The Pig

3 identical of this character allows us to loot another player’s fortune directly.

2. The Shield

The shield allows us to block an attack from the enemy. We can have up to 5 shields as we level up. 3 identical of this would reward us with a shield.

3. The Hammer

3 identical of this will allow us to attack another player’s village and doing so, we’ll be able to loot them as well.

4. The Energy Capsules

We’ll be rewarded with some extra spins if we get 3 identical of these.

These characters are the main ways of playing the game and earning coins. Each benefiting us in their own way. They will allow you to win coins as mentioned above, either by looting, attacking and using the slot machine so you never know what treasure you may find. As you gain coins, you will update your villages and level up at the same time. The higher the level, the more challenging quests you’ll face. But it’s not always about the loot.

The Card Collection

As we play the game, we come across a very useful feature of the game, Cards. These cards allow users to win multiple gifts such as free spins, pets etc. Each card differs in value so it can take a while to get the rarest of them all. Completing the card sets will also allow us to move on to the next village and level up! Coins aren’t just used to level up, you can also buy chests using them which contain different cards.
You can even trade your cards with your friends in the game. Inviting your friends in the game will thrill up the in-game experience even more and make the game more challenging, you will also be rewarded with several gifts.


The pets in the game help players in their own way. There are three pets:

  1. Foxy: Gives raid rewards.
  2. Rhino: Gives block rewards.
  3. Tiger: Gives attack rewards.

Pets in the game can be either bought, obtained through spins, events and by card collections.

Tips and Tricks

With every game come some strategies and tips that help the players in advancing the game in an easier way. But if you really want to be a master of this game, you will have to play the game on a daily basis so that you take advantage of the extra spins and gifts that you receive by your friends and you’ll learn about the game even more.

One of the quick strategies of the game is the two-finger trick. When raiding a player’s village for loot, you’ll be asked to choose any 3 of the 4 dugout sites for digging the loot. For the last choice you will be left with two dugouts only so instead of choosing one of them, use two fingers and choose both dugouts at the same time to get the full raid loot. Doing this slowly will delay and you won’t be able to get the full loot!

By getting large number of spins, you’ll enable betting. Though betting uses more number of spins but you’ be able to win higher winnings. In simple words, bets made multiply the rewards that you get from spinning the slot machine

Some more effective tips and tricks are:

  • When you reach a new level, instead of trying to level up your buildings to the max, level them up to two starts. And after this start buying chests. In this way you’ll have better chances of getting greater rewards that you can use for your village.
  • When you feed a pet and stopped playing, change the pet before closing the app. This way the pet will remain active and the timer will stop.
  • If you set your phone’s timings 24 hours forward, you’ll be able to send 5 cards or more in a day.
  • Only buy chests when there’s a card boom event.
  • Have as many friends as you can, it’s important to raid. The more friends you have, the higher winnings you will earn.
  • When first starting off in the game, log-in as a guest account and use all the extra spins and other rewards given to you. When all of them are exhausted, link your account to your Facebook account. By doing this, you’ll be given 50 more extra spins and around a million coins!

All the game needs are a bit of a strategic thinking and clever tactics used by the player. If used well, you would easily be able to make your way forward. So, go download Coin Master from the Google and Apple Play stores and enjoy the thrilling experience with your friends.

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