British man goes to hospital for ear infection, discovers brain cancer

British man goes to hospital for ear infection, discovers brain cancer

The British Dave Whitford visited the hospital in the city of Sheffield, where he lives, in England, the day after Easter 2019, a holiday in which he felt severe dizziness and was affected by vomiting. Initially, the diagnosis was simple, an ear infection caused by an insect bite. He began treatment for the condition, which did not lessen the symptoms — they actually got worse.

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Intrigued, the doctors ran a battery of tests on Whitford’s head, looking for the reason for his increasingly deteriorating state of health. With them, an incurable type of brain cancer was discovered, a surprise for everyone involved. The patient told The Sun tabloid that he could only cry and be devastated by the news.

After the event, the Englishman underwent surgery, which sought to remove the tumor, in December of the same year. In addition, he underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiology, which kept the disease in check, but limitedly. At the moment, the expectation is that he will live 12 to 18 months. Whitford is currently 49 years old.

life after surgery

As part of the treatment, a portion of the Brit’s brain was removed, which causes some side effects such as short-term memory loss and low energy. Whitford reports getting cold very easily after the operation, so he requires a special blanket to stay warm. As the left part of the brain was involved in the condition, he now suffers from ringing in the ear (tinnitus), a nuisance that even disturbs his sleep.

With little time to live, the patient seeks to live his life to the fullest, and plans a dream birthday with a trip to the United States, where he wants to take a tour to celebrate his 50th birthday — in advance, if he does not reach the age in time. He worked as a bus driver, but his driver’s license was suspended when the tumor mass was discovered in his brain.

For the past three years, Whitford has lived off various informal jobs in different areas, but the severity of the symptoms meant that he had to stop working. Now, he has opened crowdfunding to try to pay his expenses while he cannot dedicate himself to work.

Source: The Sun