Americanas publishes list of creditors that includes several banks and big techs

Americanas publishes list of creditors that includes several banks and big techs

After shocking the financial market on January 11, following the disclosure of “financial inconsistencies” initially valued at more than R$ 20 billion — and which reach R$ 43 billion — Americanas filed the judicial recovery process in last Thursday (19). And, as part of the process, the group listed this Wednesday (25) the list of creditors, which includes several traditional banks and large technology companies.

  • Americanas reports accounting inconsistencies of BRL 20 billion; directors resign
  • Americanas enters into judicial recovery after R$ 20 billion loss

The document presented by Americanas contains debts with banks such as BTG Pactual (R$ 3,508,096,916.88), Bradesco (R$ 4,571,225,982.22), Banco do Brasil (R$ 1,360,232,193.18), Santander (R$ 3,652,622,926.05), Itaú Unibanco (R$ 2,765,920,6.04), Deustche6.04 Bank (BRL 5,225,967,310.42). Among the large technology companies, there are Facebook (R$ 11,484,888.19), LG Electronics (R$ 52,857,202.13), LinkedIn (R$ 437,395.16), Sony Brasil (R$ 55,821,285.27), Twitter (R$ 304,590.30), Samsung (R$ 55,821,285.27), 1,209,158,626.54), among others.

The complete list has more than 7,900 names, including individuals, airlines, carriers, service and product companies and even the beverage manufacturer Ambev (R$ 4,099,107.87, which is also owned by the main shareholders of Americanas — Jorge Paulo Lemann, Marcel Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira, as well as cashback companies, such as Ame itself, and points programs, such as Livelo and Esfera.

Americanas, in a statement to consumers, deny the possibility of bankruptcy and say they will continue with “normal” operations, while they continue in the judicial recovery process.