Instagram will ditch the “Store” tab to focus more on content

Instagram is the app in which Brazilians spend the most time, reveals research

Instagram will abandon the shortcut to the “Store” tab in the bottom bar, announced the head of the platform, Adam Mosseri, this Monday (9). As of February, the section will consist of the “Main Page”, “Search”, “Create”, “Reels” and “Profile” buttons.

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The idea, according to the executive, is to simplify Instagram and focus the platform on what they intend to do: unite people with the things they love most. “To do this, we’re focusing on three things: inspiring people to express themselves, helping them discover what they love, and creating connections between users and the things they encounter,” said Mosseri.

The “Store” tab has been part of the bottom bar since mid-2020, when the social network put the shortcut in place of the “Activities” feed.

Despite the vague explanation, Mosseri gives clues about what made the platform abandon the “Store” button on the bottom tab. The platform seeks to make the user experience more direct and concise for the creation and consumption of content, without so much focus on purchasing products and services from the app.

Previously, the “Create” button was in the center of the bottom bar, but it has been replaced by the “Reels” button and relocated to the Main Page, next to the shortcut to Notifications, or in the integration with the camera, accessible by dragging to the right while in the feed.

expected change

“As part of this change, the Instagram Shop tab will be removed. You will still be able to set up and manage your store on Instagram while we continue to invest in shopping experiences that add more value to people and businesses in feeds, stories, Reels and more ”, explains the social network on a support page.

The removal of the “Shop” button, however, is not exactly a surprise. In September last year, Instagram tested the app’s home screen without the shortcut. At the time, information was also circulating about the button in an alleged company memo.

You can still sell on Instagram

Instagram product ad tools such as product descriptions, direct links to shopping sites and dedicated sales pages will be maintained on the platform, but will no longer be available from a separate tab.

However, it is not known whether this will last for a long time. In recent years, Instagram has shifted its focus significantly to compete with TikTok, leaving several products and projects behind. In the meantime, Reels gained much more prominence and IGTV was permanently retired.

Perhaps the platform is on the way to abandoning its sales area and focusing more on uniting merchants and consumers, no longer serving as an interactive showcase.