Is Play worth it? – Our best of 2022

Is Play worth it?  - Our best of 2022

It’s time to find out which were the best of 2022… according to the members of this podcast. Wagner Wakka and Durval Ramos list the games, movies and series they liked the most in the past year. What was worth the play of our team?

List of cited:


  • Top Gun Maverick
  • Nothing New on the Front
  • batman
  • white noise
  • northern man
  • Everything, everywhere, at the same time


  • The House of the Dragon
  • Peacemaker
  • sandman
  • Andor
  • Pantanal
  • Break
  • WeCrashed


  • Elden Ring
  • marvel snap
  • Immortality
  • tunic
  • Vampire Survivors

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This episode was scripted, hosted and edited by Wagner Wakka. Participation by Durval Ramos. Audio review by Gabriel Rimi and Mari Capetinga, with soundtrack by Guilherme Zomer. Cover by Erick Teixeira.