6 minMercado4 categories of Valentine’s Day gifts with high demand online

6 minMercado4 categories of Valentine's Day gifts with high demand online

Valentine’s Day 2022, as usual for stores, projects to be a very important date for national commerce. According to the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL), around 92 million Brazilians intend to give their peers a treat on June 12, which should generate a turnover of over R$ 18 billion, with an average expenditure of R$ 200. per person.

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A good part of these numbers will come from electronic commerce, with surveys showing that about 45% of the population choose to search for items on the Internet on this date. At the same time, and given the economic scenario, consumers are looking for forms of payment that make it easier to pay in installments, especially for products with higher added value. The main reason is not to compromise the budget or limit of the card, which is sometimes low or not available.

“Valentine’s Day is an important date for Brazilian commerce and, with the popularization of e-commerce, consumers have greater access to promotions, discounts and differentiated forms of payment, such as payment in installments, which democratizes access to credit, without the full and immediate commitment of the income” explains Gustavo Câmara, CEO of VirtusPay, a fintech specialized in payments via payment in installments

In this context, it is important that stores, in order to maximize profits, know which product categories are on the rise in online searches for Valentine’s Day gifts. Check out:

electronic equipment

On Valentine’s Day, gifting smartphones and other electronics is a good choice. (Image: Playback/Unsplash/Đức Trịnh)

According to the survey, many couples should take advantage of opportunities to renew electronic equipment that can improve the moments together, such as a new television to enjoy that favorite movie or series; and updated cell phones to communicate.

In this category, some of the most desired items are, of course, phones and TVs, as well as smartwatches, notebooks, tablets and video games.


With the decrease in health rules caused by the covid pandemic, Valentine’s Day 2022 can count on the return of couple’s travel plans, for valentines to register countless memories of remarkable moments in the relationship.

“It is possible to notice that, with the advancement of vaccination and the reduction in cases, the interest in travel packages, whether national or international, has grown. That’s why, after two years, purchasing airline tickets and accommodation in tourist places has become a good option to gift your loved ones on this date”, explains the CEO of VirtusPay.

Sportive articles

Smartwatches can accompany users in sports activities. (Image: Publicity/Xplora)

In the last two years, many people have also taken up sports as a way of relieving tension and taking care of their health. Therefore, sporting goods entered the list of possible gifts for Valentine’s Day, such as equipment for fighting and martial arts; and electronic devices for sports, such as smartwatches and wireless headphones.

“The habit of leading a healthier life is a reality for many Brazilians. Therefore, a good tip is to gift the loved one with items that can help them in this daily practice of sports”, details the executive.

Personal cares

Personal care items, such as soaps, perfumes, and beauty creams in general, have become popular as ideal options for Valentine’s Day, representing the desire for recipients to take care of themselves and improve their daily well-being.

“Items such as perfumes and cosmetics have been gaining preference among couples. As some products are imported, the value ends up being high, but the installment plan is an alternative for those who want to give gifts with good taste and still stick to their budget”, says Câmara.