22 minEntertainment Netflix’s Horizon Series Will Be Parallel to Games and Show “End of the World”

22 minEntertainment Netflix's Horizon Series Will Be Parallel to Games and Show “End of the World”


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Instead of retelling the games’ story, the Horizon series is set to go down a different path, at least according to a recent leak. In pre-production by Netflix, the adaptation can take place in two different moments, navigating between the period of games and centuries before, when humanity begins to lose control of the machines that ended up dominating everything, in a parallel plot seen in the games. from PlayStation.

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According to reporter Jeff Grubb, who leaked the details, the show will be called Horizon 2074. If this is the year of one of the plot focuses, we are talking about the moment when the so-called “Praga Faro” is at its peak, having already extinguished a good part of human beings and terrestrial fauna. The idea would be to explain elements of this process and bring information that complements the stories of the two games in the franchise.

According to the journalist, the recordings of the Horizon series would be scheduled to take place in Toronto, with those responsible firmly in the objective of not presenting a remake or reboot of the titles.

Given the information, it is possible to speculate that important characters from this universe will appear, especially in the “past”, such as Elisabet Sobeck and Ted Faro, who are among those responsible for the apocalypse. In the future, you can even expect the participation of Alloy herself, the protagonist of the games.

Still in the early stages, Netflix’s Horizon series doesn’t have a release date set. It is part of Sony’s recent interest in adaptations of its brands, including the launch of a dedicated arm, PlayStation Studios. From there came the recent Uncharted movie, with Tom Holland (Spider-Man: No Return Home), as well as upcoming series or movies based on The Last of Us, God of War, Gran Turismo and Twisted Metal.

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Meanwhile, in the gaming world, the franchise recently received its sequel, Horizon: Forbideen West, which expanded its universe and took advantage of the graphical capabilities of the PlayStation 5. In addition, a spin-off, Horizon: Call, is planned. of the Mountain, which will also tell a side story and will be played exclusively using the PlayStation VR 2 VR headset.