4 minCarsPrice of gasoline in the US is already as expensive as in Brazil

4 minCarsPrice of gasoline in the US is already as expensive as in Brazil

The price of gasoline starts to break records in the United States and already costs as much as in Brazil. With the war in Ukraine causing the price of oil to rise and the country’s current economic moment, fuel reached values ​​similar to those practiced in 2008, a time of strong global crisis.

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According to data from the American Automobile Association (AAA), there are states where prices reach US$ 5 a gallon (3.78 liters), approximately US$ 1.32 a liter or R$ 6.31, in the current conversion. In other words, a price very similar to that practiced at gas stations in the city of São Paulo, for example, which is close to R$ 7 for regular gasoline.

Analyzes by JP Morgan, for example, show that this scenario should worsen and reach US$ 6 a gallon, or R$ 7.55 a liter of gasoline. This must be due to several factors, but the main one is the price of oil, which reaches an impressive US$ 115 a barrel, motivated by the war in Ukraine and the economic embargoes on Russia.

High fuel prices affect many countries in the world (Image: Reproduction/Szasa Amanda, Unsplash)

The rise in the price of gasoline is also one of the factors that made the United States reach record levels of inflation. In April, the indicator was already at 8.5%, something that made the Federal Reserve, the equivalent of the Central Bank of Brazil, raise interest rates.

Prices did not prevent travel

According to the AAA, the pent-up demand for travel during the Covid-19 pandemic has made tourists and residents of the United States not hold on to the latest Memorial Day holiday, which honors World War II soldiers.

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Not even rising gasoline prices held back Americans. According to a survey by the association, more than 35 million cars took to the road on the holiday, levels higher than in 2019, before the pandemic. This should change over the months and other holidays.

A survey carried out by the entity reveals that if fuel continues to increase, 65% of drivers will rethink a new way to travel.