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2021 confirmed a trend in Brazil: with entry models increasingly expensive, SUVs ended up becoming the favorite cars of Brazilians. Proof of this is that this type of car took a 42.9% share in license plates.

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Even in this scenario, compact hatchbacks still have a good clientele and dominate the top 5 of the ranking of 10 best-selling cars in Brazil in 2021. According to data collected by Fenabrave, Hyundai HB20, Fiat Argo and Chevrolet Onix are the 3 best-selling cars placed on the Brazilian market.

In absolute numbers, however, no one managed to surpass Fiat Strada, which sold 109,107 units in 2021. But, as it is considered a light commercial vehicle, it does not enter the ranking of best-selling cars of the year — the same goes for its bigger sister. , Fiat Toro, with 70,890.

Therefore, see below the ranking with the 10 best-selling cars in Brazil in 2021.

10. Chevrolet Onix Plus

Even with a time without being produced due to the semiconductor crisis, the Chevrolet Onix Plus achieved a great 10th place, with 54,507 license plates, ending the year as the best-selling sedan in the country.

Midnight version of Onix Plus is one of the coolest of the line (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/FreeGameGuide)

With great internal space and a good package of equipment, the successor to the Prisma is well regarded by rental companies, taxi drivers and app drivers, in addition to being a great option for the family.

9. Volkswagen T-Cross

One of the best options in the compact SUV market, the T-Cross attracts for its great set of equipment and, mainly, for its engines, which are divided into the 1.0 TSI of 128cv in the entry and intermediate versions, and the 1.4 TSI of 150cv. at the top of the range.

VW T-Cross Sense delivers the basics, but is a good option in the SUV market (Image: Handout/Volkswagen)

In all, there were 62,307 registrations in 2021.

8.Hyundai Crete

Boosted by the launch of its new generation, the excellent Hyundai Creta sold very well in 2021, with 64,759 registrations. Even considering that the old version of the car is still for sale, it is a significant number.

Crete’s look is a controversial point of the car (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/FreeGameGuide)

The highlight of the new generation goes to the excellent package of technological equipment, in addition to the good functioning of the 1.0 turbo engine, which does the job mainly in urban environments.

7. Fiat Mobi

Fiat’s “cheap” did very well in sales and achieved a great 7th place, with 65,847 units sold, far surpassing its main competitor: the Renault Kwid.

Space is not Mobi’s strong point, but consumption is excellent (Image: Disclosure/Fiat)

Mobi — as well as Kwid — was a good option for those who wanted a 0km car and had less than R$60,000 to pay in 2021. Unfortunately, that has already changed in early 2022.

6. Volkswagen Gold

Once synonymous with a popular car, the Volkswagen Gol now costs R$70,000 in its cheapest version. But even that hasn’t stopped buyers, who bet heavily on its handling and mechanical reliability.

Gol has its days numbered in Brazil (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/FreeGameGuide)

In 6th on Fenabrave’s list, Gol sold 66,228 units.

5. Jeep Compass

The fact that the Jeep Compass is among the five best-selling vehicles in Brazil says a lot about Jeep’s success with its product. The average SUV from the North American automaker won over the local consumer thanks to its great value for money, attractive design, comfort and interesting technological package.

Even more expensive than compact models, the Compass came to lead the SUV market in 2021 (Image: Disclosure / Jeep)

Boosted by the new version launched in 2021, which features the new 185hp 1.3-litre turbo engine, the Compass sold 70,906 units.

4. Chevrolet Onix

One of the most desired cars on this list, the Chevrolet Onix ended up losing the position of best-selling vehicle in Brazil in 2021, largely due to stoppages in its manufacture. Even so, it ended the year as the 4th best-selling car in the country, with 73,623 license plates.

The Onix RS has a bolder look, but without mechanical changes (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/FreeGameGuide)

With great engines and equipment package, Onix should be featured again in 2022.

3. Jeep Renegade

With 73,913 units registered in 2021, the Jeep Renegade continues to dominate the SUV segment and already appears as the third best-selling car in the country. The reasons are many.

The Renegade is one of the most desired cars in Brazil since its launch in 2015 (Image: Disclosure/Jeep)

With a great finish and a reliable engine, the Renegade ends up being a great option for those who want an urban car, even with its performance in the 1.8 variant being poor. On the other hand, the suspension arrangement and interior space seduce — in addition to the design.

In 2022, the Jeep Renegade will win the 185hp 1.3 turbo engine, to the despair of the competition.

2. Fiat Argo

It took a while, but the Fiat Argo finally ended the year as one of the three best-selling vehicles in Brazil. Launched in 2017 to replace, at once, Palio, Punto and Bravo, the Italian hatch stands out for its comfort, reliability and good internal space.

Version 1.0 of the Argo has a great engine and cost-effectiveness of the best on the market (Image: Disclosure / Fiat)

In 2021, 84,644 Argo units were licensed.

1. Hyundai HB20

The leader among the best-selling cars in Brazil is also one of the most interesting to buy. Reliable and well equipped, the HB20 has been winning over Brazilians for a decade.

HB20 turbo is, for now, the most efficient car in its segment (Image: Matheus Argentoni/FreeGameGuide)

In its current generation, the South Korean hatch offers great engine options, such as the 120hp 1.0-liter turbo, in addition to a good technological package.

And in 2021, there were 86,455 units registered.