20 min Cars The 5 cheapest cars in Brazil in 2022

20 min Cars The 5 cheapest cars in Brazil in 2022

The car in Brazil is expensive, and the reasons for this FreeGameGuide has already explained in another report. To start 2022 in a slightly happier way, however, we have separated for you the 5 cheapest cars for sale in the country.

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It is worth mentioning that the list was prepared on top of the Fipe table, the official index of the Fundação Instituto de Pesquisas Econômicas, which is used as a reference by consumers and specialized markets throughout Brazil.

This means that among the 5 cheapest cars in Brazil in 2022 there are models that may no longer be being manufactured by the automakers in the country, but are listed in the table (and in our list) because they are 0 km and therefore are available for the market. .

5. Ford Ka

The fifth among the cheapest 0 km cars in Brazil in 2022 is one of the examples that we commented on in the introduction of the article: the Ford Ka 1.0 S TiVCT Flex.

Ford Ka is no longer produced, but it is among the 5 cheapest cars on sale in Brazil in 2022 (Image: Disclosure / Ford)

The model ceased to be manufactured in the country when Ford announced the closing of factories here, in the second half of 2021. As it appears in Fipe’s official list, however, the deduction is that some copies are still available on the market. Whoever wants the model will have to pay R$ 52,694.

4. Renault Kwid

While the E-Tech, electric version of the Renault Kwid does not land in Brazil, the Life variant, with manual transmission, of the French brand’s compact remains among the 5 cheapest cars on sale in the country.

Renault Kwid remains among the cheapest in the country (Image: Disclosure/Renault)

According to the Fipe table, the model, which sold for just over R$47,000 less than 3 months ago, can now only be purchased at prices starting at R$50,240.

3. Fiat Mobi

Fourth cheapest car in Brazil in October 2021, the Fiat Mobi Easy 1.0 Fire Flex rose one position and today opens the podium, in third place among the most affordable in the country at the beginning of 2022.

Fiat Mobi is the representative of the Italian brand on the list (Image: Disclosure/Fiat)

The model sold under the Stellantis tab is listed in the Fipe table for R$ 49,949.00. Remembering that on the automakers’ website the value is usually a little higher, so it’s always good to put the printed table under your arm and haggle at the time of purchase.

Fiat, by the way, took the Easy version out of the line and, today, the cheapest one on sale is the Like, which increased from R$59,180 to R$61,192.

2. Baby Buggy

The second place is for a car that, as we have already explained, is not manufactured by traditional automakers, but is included in the list because it is part of the Fipe table, the index used to create this content.

Baby Buggy has Volkswagen mechanics (Image: Disclosure/Baby)

The Baby Buggy RS has Volkswagen mechanics, with an air-cooled 1.6-liter engine, is made with a fiberglass body and a tubular structure. It costs R$ 45,154 and, to buy a model, it is necessary to contact the factory directly, which is in Rio de Janeiro.

1. Lifan 530

The cheapest car on sale in Brazil at the beginning of 2022 occupied the runner-up position at the end of October 2021. He is the only Chinese representative of the selection.

Lifan 530 is number 1 among the cheapest in Brazil (Image: Disclosure/Lifan)

This is the Lifan 530 Talent. It has a 1.5 16V engine, 103 horsepower, and is valued at R$ 44,495, according to the Fipe table.

FreeGameGuide Bonus

If you’re wondering about the prices of the Onix, Gol and HB20 models that are in high demand, don’t worry. Let’s break the protocol of our lists and list the prices of these three darlings of the market below.

Chevrolet Onix, bestseller, is among the honorable mentions, for R$ 69.6 thousand (Image: Felipe Ribeiro/FreeGameGuide)
  • Chevrolet Onix: The hatch version of one of the bestsellers in 2021 opened 2022 at a price of R$ 69,620. This is the value of the 1.0 Flex configuration with automatic transmission, curiously the cheapest in the table.
  • Volkswagen Gol: The Gol, which has been experiencing consecutive increases and living with rumors about the end of its production in Brazil, has its cheapest variant, the manual 1.0 Flex, quoted at R$ 71,009.
  • HB20: Closing the bonus, we have the cheapest of the trio of darlings: the HB20 Sense 1.0 Flex, with manual transmission, is on the Fipe table with a price of R$ 68,225.

As you can see in the list of the 5 cheapest cars for sale in Brazil in 2022, the concept of “popular car”, apparently, is really dead and buried in the country, isn’t it?