16 minRV-RA NVIDIA Metaverse Creation Tool Gets Free Version

16 minRV-RA NVIDIA Metaverse Creation Tool Gets Free Version


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NVIDIA has released a free version of Omniverse to help millions of creative professionals and artists around the world. According to the company, the goal is to offer new real-time 3D design simulation and collaboration capabilities for those using GeForce Studio with RTX GPUs.

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Omniverse is a kind of NVIDIA metaverse and connects several “virtual worlds”. During CES 2022, the company announced the development of several enhancements to the Machinima, Audio2Face, Nucleus Cloud and 3D markets, as well as ecosystem updates.

These are some of the winners of the Omniverse contest: the result is incredible (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

With the free system, artists, designers and creative professionals can use the main applications to create 3D assets and scenes on laptops or PCs. Since the launch of the beta version, about a year ago, Omniverse has already been downloaded by almost 100 thousand professionals from the segment interested in working with core rendering, physics and artificial intelligence technologies.

NVIDIA’s Metaverse

This NVIDIA metaverse will be populated by shops, houses, people, robots, factories, museums, and an immense amount of three-dimensional content to reproduce the physical world. The idea of ​​Omniverse is to interconnect the many different and independent worlds in one place.

Tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine are supported, but others are in development, such as Adobe Substance 3D Material Extension.

This is another example of content produced in Omniverse (Image: Reproduction/NVIDIA)

Those who need more advanced options can pay for Omniverse Enterprise, a subscription for larger professional teams. The free version is only suitable for individual creators or those just starting out in this 3D world, which could dictate the future of technology for years to come.

NVIDIA encourages artists to submit their work to the Omniverse gallery and visit the company’s forums to find more resources. Another alternative, according to the company, is to stay tuned to social networks such as Medium, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Discord to know the news first hand.