10 min Games How to make potions in Minecraft

10 min Games How to make potions in Minecraft

Potions are some of the most important items for Minecraft explorers. With them, exploration, mining and even combat activities become even more dynamic for those who venture into the world of blocks.

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While powerful consumables can be found in village and temple chests, it is quite rare and will not always have the effect you want. Therefore, learning to manufacture it will make your gameplay much better. Next, FreeGameGuide has created a tutorial with everything you need to start making potions in Minecraft.

How to make a glass bottle

The first item needed are the jars. They are the vessels in which potions are stored and consumed.

  • Collect sand blocks and cook them to generate glass blocks;
  • With three of them, place on the bench in a “V” shape to generate 3 vials;
  • Look for a place with water and fill the bottle to have the “water bottle”.
  • Glass bottle recipe in Minecraft (Image: Montage/Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

    How to make potions support

    Just as workbenches are used for building, furnaces for cooking and generating items, the potion stand is where alchemy takes place and powers are crafted. Once made, the item can be placed on any surface, but you can get creative to place it on a very mystical base.

  • Collect three boulders, generated from rocks in mountains, on the ground and in caves;
  • Have a Burning Rod, which is dropped by Blaze when he is defeated in the Nether;
  • On the bench, make a horizontal line with the three boulders and place the stick on top of the middle block.
  • Minecraft potion support recipe (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

    Optional: cauldron

    The item stores up to three charges of water, lava or snow, which saves you from having to go back and forth chasing resources. In addition to being simple to make, the cauldron is actually very useful in the life of an alchemist.

  • Collect seven iron bars (generated from cooking the iron ore block;
  • Place them in a “U” shape on the bench;
  • Once that’s done, just leave it where you want. To break it and change places, it is easier to use the pickaxe than the fist, ax or sword.
  • Cauldron recipe in minecraft (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

    How to Make the Weird, Thick, and Common Potion

    Now with a water bottle and potion holder, the next step is to make the basic recipe for just about every potion. The process is the same for all of them and only changes the item that will be placed in the water bottle.

    Use “Nether Fungus” to make the strange potion (used in pretty much every potion), “Glowstone Dust” to make the thick “Spider’s Eye”, “Ghast’s Tear”, “Rabbit’s Foot”, flame dust”, “slice of glistening watermelon”, “sugar”, “cream of magma” and “redstone dust” to make the common, the latter two only serve as the base of the Potion of Weakness.

  • Use a glow stick to generate two “Flame Dusts”, which is the support fuel, and place them in the upper left space;
  • Place nether fungus, glowstone dust, or other desired base item on the top square of the stand;
  • Place the desired water bottles in the lower squares;
  • Wait for them to transform into the strange, thick, or common potion.
  • Basic procedure for potions (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

    Best potions and items needed to make each one

    The game has about 40 different potions, which are used in different situations. The process for making each one is the same as described in the Strange Potion step. Among them, the best and most useful are:

  • Healing Potion: Instantly regenerates two to four hearts;
  • Potion of Regeneration: Restores half a heart every 1.2 seconds or 2.4 seconds;
  • Fire Resistance Potion: Do not take fire or lava damage within 3 minutes or 8 minutes;
  • Water Breathing Potion: Does not drown, regardless of depth, within 3 min or 8 min;
  • Speed ​​Potion: Run 20% or 40% faster for 1min30sec, 3min or 8min
  • To help you know what you need to know about each of them, check the image below for all the ingredients required to make potions:

    Infographic with all the items to make Minecraft potions (Image: Reproduction/Minecraft Wiki/An Duan)

    With information from Minecraft Wiki.

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