27 min Spider-Man Entertainment | Why was Venom taken to the MCU? Screenwriters explain

27 min Spider-Man Entertainment |  Why was Venom taken to the MCU?  Screenwriters explain


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Of the many comebacks and cameos present in Spider-Man: No Return Home, one in particular raised a lot of doubt among fans. After all, how did Venom end up inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) if Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) had no idea that the hero existed, let alone who Peter Parker was?

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For many people, this was the biggest scoop in the film’s script. According to the explanation of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), only those who knew the secret identity of the Neighborhood Buddy were attracted to that reality, which would not justify the coming of Venom. However, behold, the film’s writers finally explained what happened.

It wasn’t a scoop from the script: Venom made it to the MCU thanks to Spider-Man 3 (Image: Press Release/Sony Pictures)

In an interview with Variety, those responsible for the story of No Return Home, Erik Sommer and Chris McKenna, confirmed that Hardy’s character was affected by the spell of the former Supreme Mage because of the symbiote. According to them, Venom actually has knowledge of other universes buried in his mind and that’s what led the pair into the Spider-Man universe — albeit to sit inside a bar.

The writers’ speech confirms a theory many fans have raised that the series symbiote Venom is connected with the one we saw in Spider-Man 3 and that’s why he knows Peter.

In the post-credit scene of Time of Carnage, the symbiote tells his host that he possesses “80 billion light years of hive knowledge across universes”, something that would be capable of blowing Brock’s head off. So, since the 2007 movie Venom knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man, it makes sense that the new version of the character also knows this secret.

So, based on what the writers explained, it was the symbiote that was affected by Doctor Strange’s spell and not Eddie Brock, who ended up getting hitchhiked. And that would also justify the fact that Venom showed a rather unusual interest in Parker when he saw him on TV. That’s because he knew the boy, although he had a different face at the time.

And while this may sound a bit far-fetched, it’s a comic-backed solution. In comic books, the symbiote is part of an alien race that has this hive mind, that is, a kind of consciousness shared between its individuals. It is as if all symbionts are connected to each other and that the memories of one can be accessed by the others.

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Of course, this leaves room for other questions. After all, if all the symbiotes are connected, shouldn’t that have brought the villain Carnage and other pieces of the alien scattered across the multiverse? And shouldn’t Spider-Man 3’s own Venom have been attracted too? And why the hell was a piece of black jelly left behind when Brock returned to his reality?

Venom and the Sinister Sextet

In addition to confirming the fans’ theory, the writers revealed that they actually considered putting the symbiote into the story and not just as a joke in the post-credit scene. According to McKenna, the idea of ​​putting Venom in the final battle of the three Spider-Men was discussed, but was soon dropped.

Would Venom make sense in the final fight? No, but no one disagrees that it would be something really cool to see (Image: Reproduction/Sony Pictures)

According to him, the idea of ​​bringing Brock to the Statue of Liberty scene was left out because it would take more time to develop the character and, like several other proposals that didn’t make the final cut of No Return Home, they couldn’t find a way to make this work within the plot.

It is worth pointing out that the participation of Venom in the story was something that was being considered by fans, who imagined that the symbiote would be the character that was missing to compose the Sinister Sextet, the iconic group of villains who appear every now and then to confront the Man- Spider in the comics. So, given that we had five confirmed enemies—Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Sandman, Lizard, and Electro—it was only natural that Brock would be tipped to fill this sixth spot.