13 min Mobile Games How to Download Garena Advanced Server

13 min Mobile Games How to Download Garena Advanced Server

The Free Fire (Android | iOS), Garena’s battle royale, is constantly updated, with big news like events, buffs or nerfs on weapons, items and bug fixes. Before reaching the server where everyone plays, they undergo tests, then enter the Free Fire Advanced Server.

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What is Free Fire Advanced Server

The Advanced Server is a place where players can test out what’s coming in the next update, but it’s not the most important point. Garena asks players to record, by video or photo, any issues they encounter and send in for them to resolve before reaching the public.

How to download Free Fire Advanced Server

To download the Advanced Server, you need to access FF Advance, and log in with your Facebook account, the same one used to access the game normally. Fill out the form with the necessary information and confirm.

Access Garena’s advanced server to test the new features of Free Fire (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

It is noteworthy that the number of players that can have access is limited, so it is important to be aware when testing rounds happen, as shown in the image above.