23 min TV LG to announce OLED TVs A2 and B2 in sizes 48 and 65 inches

LG deve anunciar TVs OLED A2 e B2 com tamanhos de 48 e 65 polegadas


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With the departure of the smartphone business, LG chose to place its efforts where it knows it has strength, such as the home appliance sector and also TVs, for example. Now, information is starting to emerge about the brand’s new generation of televisions, including OLED and QNED options.

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48-inch and 65-inch A2 and B2 OLED TVs

New models made their appearance at the National Radio Research Agency, the South Korean regulatory body. The 2020 generation had an “X” suffix to identify the generation, while on the 2021 models the company adopted the “1” suffix. Now, four products have been certified, all with a “2” ending.

LG’s OLED 2022 line starts to gain face (Image: Playback/HDBlog)

These are the OLED65B2VNA, OLED48A2KNA, OLED65B2KNA and OLED65A2KNA TVs. Analyzing these identifications, you can imagine that they are the TVs of the A2 and B2 series, with one 48-inch A2, one 65-inch A2 and two other 65-inch B2s, potentially aimed at the entry-level OLED TV market.

Generally, these lines don’t bring all the features of the more complete versions, like the C series and G series, focusing on bringing OLED quality to consumers who don’t care for many extra functions.

QNED line also appears

QNED combines Mini LED, Nanocell and QuantumDot technologies (Image: Playback/HDBlog)

QNED TVs, which are LCD options with Mini LED and which mix NanoCell and Quantum Dot technologies, were also found in the registers, being the 75-inch and 86-inch QNED90s. But there is no other information about them either.

You’ll have to wait to see what’s new on these new TVs, and how the company will fit the possible OLED gamer TV model, also expected for 2022. It’s believed that they will be unveiled in early January, during CES 2022.