1 min Entertainment The 10 most pirated movies of the week (11/21/2021)

1 min Entertainment The 10 most pirated movies of the week (11/21/2021)

After a week off due to the long weekend, the list of 10 most pirated movies is back. And look, it’s arriving, very stuffed and with a lot of news. Proof of this is that seven of the films listed below make their debut here this week.

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Among the old men of war that you who follow FreeGameGuide already know are the tireless Free Guy, the excellent science-fiction Finch and the apotheotic Duna, all occupying more discreet positions in the list, but still showing that they have strength with the public who use it. to torrent trackers to watch one movie and another.

On the news side, it’s difficult to even highlight one movie or another. That’s why it’s worth saying that the Top 3 is a blast, featuring one of the most anticipated horror and thriller movies of the year, the latest superhero movie from Marvel Studios and the farewell to one of the most iconic characters in the history of the movie theater.

Is it little or do you want more? So scroll down and check out all the 10 most pirated movies of the week, a ranking that FreeGameGuide publishes every Sunday exclusively for you.

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10. tick, tick… BOOM!

First film directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, tick, tick… BOOM! is one of Netflix’s most eagerly awaited debuts in November and is already popular with those who resort to piracy for fun. Mixing drama and musical, the film tells the story of Jonathan Larson, a waiter who dreams of creating a great musical and getting it on Broadway. After a lot of hard work, he finally has a project and is ready to present it, but he didn’t expect his world to start crumbling around him. Tired of always putting her dreams aside for Larson, his girlfriend Susan starts to pressure him; while his best friend Michael gives up all his dreams for a job that pays well. And now? Should he give in to pressure or continue to bet on everything he’s always believed in?

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9. Free Guy: Taking Control

What would happen if the NPCs of your favorite game came to life and started a real revolution? That’s the premise of Free Guy: Taking Control, which tells the story of a boring routine bank teller. But everything changes when he discovers that he is a minor character in a video game, taking over the reins of life and doing everything to save that world. The description is basic, but don’t be fooled: the film surprised many people by having more layers and depth than it appears.

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8. Zeros and Ones

A frenzied thriller with a character of ambiguous characteristics, Zeros and Ones follows an American soldier who accepts to work on a secret mission that sends him to Rome. Threatened by an imminent terrorist attack, the Italian capital hides secrets from the military’s past, who accepted the job to also discover the whereabouts of his twin brother.

7. King Richard: Creating Champions

Still unpublished in Brazil, King Richard has fallen into torrent trackers and accumulates more and more illegal downloads. Starring none other than Will Smith, the film tells the story of Richard Williams, a dedicated father who created methods and outlined plans to turn his two daughters into tennis stars. And it worked: today, Venus and Serena Williams are known around the world, on and off the court.

6. Finch

One of the big Apple TV+ releases in 2021, this new film starring Tom Hanks takes place in a land devastated by a solar storm that left very few survivors. And one of them is robotics engineer Finch, who is in poor health and worried about his little Goodyear dog: after all, who’s going to take care of him? That’s when man has the idea of ​​building a robot and teaching it not only how to take care of the dog, but also about what makes us human: life, love and friendship.

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5. Danube

The film is the second attempt at adapting Frank Herbert’s literary work, and now, in the hands of Dennis Villeneuve, it looks like it’s going to work. With many fabled elements and a vast and extremely complex universe, the science fiction film shows a future in which humanity is dependent on a rare resource called Melange, used to extend human life, reach the speed of light and grant powers. superhumans. And it is found only on the sands of the desert planet of Arrakis, from where one of the Empire’s noble families extracts and trades. And it is in this scenario that political intrigues, betrayals and we see the emergence of a hero unfold.

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4. Red Alert

With a trio of extremely charismatic protagonists who have been gathering millions of people to watch it on both Netflix and Pirate Bay, Red Alert has a relatively simple plot. The film tells the story of an FBI agent who needs to prevent the theft of three historical artifacts, but who ends up falling into the trap of one of the most famous international thieves, which ends up dirtying his name. Now he will have to turn to another criminal to regain his honor and return to living in peace.

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3. Last night in Soho

Starring Hollywood’s new darling Anya Taylor-Joy, Last Night in Soho caught the attention of a lot of people by the proposal of noir horror with a somewhat retro vibe. And this fits in very well with the plot of the film, which takes place in two distinct moments: the present is focused on a young designer who moves to London to pursue a career in fashion. However, she begins to dream and experience the life of a singer who lived there 50 years ago, with these two realities mixing and bringing to light a murder that needs to be solved in the present.

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2. Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

The second major release of the new phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU), Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings landed last weekend at Disney+ and has since continued on a high in the internet pirate bay. Focusing more on the mystical side of Casa das Ideias and with an oriental touch, the film follows the daily life of Shang-Chi, a young man who leads a quiet life as a valet in California. However, he hides a big secret: he is the son of the Mandarin, who resurfaces to make his life hell.

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1.007: No Time to Die

After a very strong debut in cinemas, being one of the main responsible for the resumption of box office in Brazil and in much of the world, the much talked about and awaited farewell of Daniel Craig from the role of James Bond fell on the net. And its debut in the rankings in the first place is just one more confirmation of how much people were waiting to watch it — even if illegally. In the film, we see a Bond enjoying life in Jamaica after he retired from MI6; however, the spy life calls him to duty again. But, what was supposed to be a simple rescue mission turns out to be a real war against a mysterious villain who is developing new weapons of advanced technology capable of sweeping entire populations at the touch of a phone.

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