16 min Startup Meta announces selected startups for solutions in Brazilian agribusiness

16 min Startup Meta announces selected startups for solutions in Brazilian agribusiness

The second edition of Campo Digital, which seeks solutions for Brazilian agribusiness with a focus on small and medium producers, has already selected the ten startups that will participate in the project. The initiative is Meta’s first startup acceleration program to identify solutions for agriculture in Latin America and has Baita Aceleradora, headquartered in the Technological Park of the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), as a partner.

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The projects were evaluated by specialists from the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA), Embrapa Digital Agriculture, Inova Unicamp, Unifei and the Eldorado Research Institute. The selection considered the relevance of the proposals and the fulfillment of the program’s objectives: to improve productivity, efficiency or sustainability in the field.

Carolina Ferracini, public policy manager at Meta, says that supporting small businesses is key in efforts to develop local communities. “When we talk about agribusiness, several solutions serve large properties, but are not accessible to small ones”, he points out. “Our goal is to strengthen companies that think and produce innovation so that they bring more efficiency and scale to small producers, throughout the production chain.”

How is Meta’s startup program in Brazil

Startups will receive guidance (Image: Playback/Pexels/Canva Studio)

Over the next four months, startups will participate in mentoring sessions conducted by Baita and Meta, guidance on setting goals and evaluating the business model, lectures, workshops and networking with investors, hubs and agribusiness professionals.

In addition, the companies will receive technical training from specialists at Esalqtec, business incubator at the Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, at the University of São Paulo (Esalq), at the Federal University of Itajubá, at the Eldorado Research Institute and at Unicamp. All these institutions are recognized for the training of professionals and the development of technology for agribusiness.

The program ends in April 2022. At this time, the startups will define, together with Baita, the next steps to independently offer their solutions. On Demoday, which marks the conclusion of the program, the company’s founders will present their business models to agribusiness experts and investors. See the selected startups below.

1. AgroForte, from São Paulo (SP)

It uses a 100% digital platform to offer fast and hassle-free credit to small and medium producers in the animal protein chains.

2. Escape to Colinas, from Tapiraí (SP)

Specialist in guiding producers in accessing good quality internet in the field.

3. Autoponics, from Itajubá (MG)

It digitizes hydroponic cultivation and allows 24-hour monitoring, automatic nutrition control and reports with graphical Reviews.

4. Fazenda Cheia, from Florianópolis (SC)

It takes technology to the herd to accelerate the productivity of small and medium rural producers.

5. Agrity, from Nova Mutum (MT)

It connects grain buyers and sellers in a secure environment to facilitate trading and offers features that help make more profit from trading.

6. Made Network of Urban Farms, from São Paulo (SP)

It installs hydroponic farms within cities, which minimizes the time and distance between harvesting and consuming vegetables in large urban centers.

7. IDGeo, from Piracicaba (SP)

It offers remote diagnosis, monitoring and management to producers, while enriching their knowledge to produce better.

8. Aquabit, from Cascavel (PR)

It helps small and medium producers who want to improve processes, reduce costs and increase through production management and control.

9. BIA Technology, from São Francisco do Sul (SC)

Helps dairy farmers identify bovine mastitis in 8 seconds.

10. Central do Boi, Porto Alegre (RS)

Online ecosystem to facilitate the sale of cattle and inputs for beef cattle.