3 min Love Life Entertainment | 5 reasons to watch the HBO Max series

3 min Love Life Entertainment |  5 reasons to watch the HBO Max series

HBO Max has just released the second season of Love Life, which features a new narrative and new characters. In season one, the series told the story of Darby (Anna Kendrick), a young woman in her early 20s, her romantic relationships and what each of them brought to her life.

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This time, we will follow the life of Marcus Watkins, played by actor William Jackson Harper, best known for the character Chidi in The Good Place. In the new episodes, we see that he has just ended a relationship of many years and returns to the universe of singleness. Then he finds himself again looking for a romantic fulfillment, which he thought he had already found.

Image: Disclosure/HBO Max

If you haven’t watched Love Life yet, check out five reasons to play and watch the HBO Max series as soon as possible!

5. Neither short nor long

You can often end up giving up on watching a series because it has too long episodes, which can be tiring. In the case of Love Life, they aren’t quite like a traditional comedy, which is about 20 minutes long, but rather getting in the middle. Each episode of the series is almost half an hour long, ideal for you to watch during lunch or even before bed, being also ideal for that marathon.

4. Identification

Series and films that talk about issues that everyone lives, such as romance, end up generating identification, bringing the feeling that we are not alone in this. Whether you are a romantic person or not, Love Life will highlight experiences that everyone faces every day, bringing interesting reflections.

Image: Disclosure/HBO Max

3. “… and it’s okay”

Relationships won’t always work out, even when everything seems to be on track and you think you’ve found the perfect match. And everything is fine. Relationships come and go, and the show will show that this is normal and that each person who passes through our lives will leave a new experience, as well as some good memories.

2. Production and Cast

Anna Kendrick and William Jackson Harper, protagonists of the first and second seasons, also executive produce the series, working even closer to deliver the perfect plot for the on-call romantics. In addition, Love Life has a very interesting cast, including Zöe Chao (Modern Love, The OA) and Jessica Williams (Outstanding, Fantastic Beasts), as well as some well-known figures who work in the humor business.

1. Light and fun

Romance stories don’t always have to end badly, like some genre films that end in tragic terms, for example. Nor do they need to be illusory like classic romantic comedies. It is possible to find a compromise when approaching romantic relationships in a fun way, without getting your hopes up and leaving your foot on the ground. This work, which the series has been doing very well and pleasing the critics.

Love Life is now available on HBO Max. Check out the second season trailer: