4 sec Comics Meet the villain who is even today the most frightening enemy of the Green Lanterns

4 sec Comics Meet the villain who is even today the most frightening enemy of the Green Lanterns

In the DC Universe, Green Lantern mythology includes other space troops that make use of energy rings. One of the best known is the Sinestro Troop, which dressed in yellow, is the antithesis of the galactic guardians of DC, always causing fear in those who are in their presence. But while the team created by Sinestro has a large roster of members, none causes as much discomfort as Kryb, introduced in Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special #1.

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Part of what makes Kryb so terrifying is the mystery surrounding its origins. What is known about the character is that she is an alien originating from Sector 3599, and that her main interest is in the abduction of children of members of the Green Lantern Corps.

The creature believes that with the abduction, it is saving the children. Furthermore, to make matters worse, the alien plans to create the kidnapped infantry to be used in the future to destroy the emerald guardians.

Kryb in all its terrifying glory. (Image: Disclosure/DC Comics)

Kryb’s appearance is also terrifying, featuring long and disproportionate limbs. Its teeth are sharp and, as a most notable feature, it has a kind of cage on its back, made of bones, in which it carries the abducted children.

Kryb’s powers, in addition to being terrible, are disgusting. The alien’s body produces a secretion that, when consumed, allows the alien to control the mind of the person who ingested the fluid. And, causing more discomfort for readers, the creature often exposes its opponents to the dangerous liquid in poses and acts that refer to human breastfeeding.

heavy stories

Kryb abducting children. (Image: Disclosure/DC Comics)

One of Kryb’s most memorable stories was published in Green Lantern Corps #31-32, with a script by Peter Tomasi and drawings by Patrick Gleason, published in Brazil by Panini in Dimensão DC: Lanterna Verde #17-18, from 2010.

In this story, Kryb hunts down the unborn child of Matoo and Amnee Pree, a Green Lantern couple from Sector 0035. Using her fluids, the alien controls the minds of the five members of the galactic vigilante troop who were accompanying the parents of first trip, and have them pin Amnee to the ground.

After the Green Lantern fails to move, Kryb tries to pull the child out of her womb, while, in the storytelling, the alien justifies herself, claiming to be saving the unborn child from the terror of the green monsters.

The lanterns manage to slip out of mind control before the worst happens, but Kryb proves to be a formidable adversary in combat, even killing one of the emerald guardians who were trying to stop her. The clash only ends when a member of the Troop of Star Sapphires arrives and takes the alien for rehabilitation.

After this story, Kryb made sporadic appearances in the comics, highlighting an issue published during the event A Noite Dense, which shows the actions of the alien and her strange and distorted sense of love from another angle, with her trying her best to save children of the macabre events of the saga.

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And it is this strange and macabre love that makes Kryb one of the most complex and frightening members of the Lantern mythology, even with few appearances. Any story of hers, in the end, is sure to leave readers with a feeling of unease, like any good horror content.