8 min Smartphone Apple and Samsung are notified with 15 days to explain lack of chargers

8 min Smartphone Apple and Samsung are notified with 15 days to explain lack of chargers

The Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJSP), this Wednesday (27), again notified Apple and Samsung for non-compliance with the measures suggested to justify the removal of energy chargers from electronic products sold in Brazil.

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The companies had already been notified by the agency in November 2020. At the time, they claimed that they removed the charger from cellphone packaging due to greater durability of smartphones and batteries, in addition to an initiative to encourage conscious consumption.

Based on this justification, the MJSP guided manufacturers to adopt policies to make customers aware of sustainable consumption. However, on Wednesday (27), the agency stated, through a statement, that none of the companies carried out the agreement.

The statement highlights that Samsung even adopted an awareness campaign for a short period, but that it did not comply with the measures suggested by the National Consumer Secretariat (Senacon), which is part of the ministry.

With the non-compliance with the measures, the agency again notified the companies, asking them to inform if they are still interested in formalizing a preventive Conduct Adjustment Term (TAC), individually, which determines that both companies offer the shipper for free with their cell phones until they create initiatives aimed at conscientious consumption, which include informational and educational campaigns for consumers.

Apple and Samsung have 15 days to respond to the notification, and in case of positive responses, negotiations will be initiated by the TAC Committee by Senacon of the MJSP. Now, in the event of a negative response from companies, the Department of Consumer Protection and Defense (DPDC) will carry out an Reviews to decide whether it is pertinent to institute an administrative proceeding to deepen investigations into the case.

FreeGameGuide contacted Apple and Samsung press offices inquiring about the notification. We will update the article as soon as companies respond.

Procon-SP notified companies in September

Every iPhone 13 line does not have the charger in the package. (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

It is not the first time that both companies are notified by agencies in Brazil on account of the removal of chargers from devices sold in the country. Last year, at the launch of the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21, Procon-SP had already come into conflict with the companies for the same reason, resulting in a fine of R$ 10.5 million for Apple and an agreement with Samsung for the South Korean to provide the accessory free of charge to users who pre-ordered the Galaxy S21.

In 2021, at the end of September, with the launch of several models of the iPhone 13, Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, all without chargers in the box, Procon-SP returned to notify both companies. Until the closing of this matter, no action beyond the notification of the agency had been publicly disclosed.