15 min Comics Who Are The Last Avengers Revealed in New Marvel Comics?

15 min Comics Who Are The Last Avengers Revealed in New Marvel Comics?

Another alternative reality comic book appears in the US. In this one, vampires have killed almost every hero in the Marvel Universe and the greatest threat on planet Earth is, you see, Blade. In Darkhold: Blade #1, we see what would happen to the vampire hunter if he read the powerful mystical book Darkhold and fled to the evil side.

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Attention: spoilers to follow!

In the plot written by Daniel Kibblesmith and designed by Federico Sabbatini, Blade was one of five heroes called upon by the Scarlet Witch to fight a serious mystical threat that threatened the universe. After Doctor Doom found the Darkhold, he awakened the god Chthon, prompting the Sorceress to mount the Darkhold Defenders to fight.

However, after the heroes—including Blade, Iron Man and others—read the Darkhold, the book turned them into monstrous versions of their usual forms. Now Marvel Comics will show you every dark reality these heroes saw when reading the Darkhold. In Blade’s case, he saw a world where billions of people were turned into vampires, superbeings ceased to exist, the King of Crime becomes King of the Vampires and lets the half-vampire hunt whoever he wants.

The Last Avengers in Darkhold: Blade #1 (Image: Reproduction/Marvel)

Resistance to Blade is in a small team called The Last Avengers formed by the now vampires Silver Sable, Thief (respectively ally and villain in the Spider-Man stories) and the ex-X-Man Nightclub, who here has human form and assumed the code name Citizen V Together they try to find the cure (revealed to them by Amadeus Cho) to bring the world back to what it was.

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The magazine is a single issue and ends with Blade and the Kingpin overpowering and killing these heroes. Thus, the ex-hero ends by saying that this world “does not need protectors, but a king” and that “every drop of blood in this city, in this world, belongs to Blade”. Gloomy, isn’t it?