4 min Apps Best free iOS apps

4 min Apps Best free iOS apps

Since the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, both the Apple smartphone and the iOS operating system have evolved to the point where a cell phone is more than a way to make calls, send text messages and use a calculator. Today, you can store most of your life on a device, whether photos, videos, text files, and still have applications that make your daily life easier.

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If you like exploring your iOS and discovering the most useful apps available for your iPhone, continue here, because FreeGameGuide has selected the best free options for you to have on your smartphone. Initially, we’ve listed the most basic ones, but in the coming months we’ll be adding new, no-cost, practical apps.


Messenger is popular among the Brazilian population (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

In the past, when you met someone, the question was: what’s their phone number? Today, the question changed to: what is your WhatsApp? That’s because the messenger has become one of the most popular in the world, being available even on the simplest cell phones. WhatsApp can be used to send messages, voice or video calls, create groups and broadcast lists, and it also has a business version to facilitate interaction between brands and customers.

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Note-taking app is a versatile tool on the iPhone (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Apple offers on its iPhones the Notes application, native to the device, so that the user can make lists, create tables and drafts, leaving everything saved in iCloud. With the app, you can type and format text, create numbered or to-do lists, customize notes with photos and videos from the library, and even scan documents.

  • Download: iOS


Health brings data on sleep, physical activity and other records (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Apple’s native app is one of the main alternatives for recording information about your health and physical activities. Saúde can be integrated with other apps and devices, such as Apple Watch, to store data about your exercise and monitor your sleep, for example. The app can even be used to store medical record information and track changes over time.

  • Download: iOS


Create and download stickers for WhatsApp (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Since WhatsApp released the option to send stickers (the “stickers”), the possibilities of images have become endless. You can use packs of stickers provided by the company, as well as those created by users through apps developed for this, such as Sticker.ly. With the app, you can create your sticker packs in the form of text or image and share the creations with your friends or the community of users of the app.

  • Download: iOS

Google photos

Google app is alternative to store your photos (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

In addition to iCloud, you can store your photos in the Google Photos app and upload them automatically via Wi-Fi or data, depending on your plan. The app lets you back up your images and has several smart features to find the photo or video you’re looking for much more easily. The tool also creates automatic animations and montages with your best photos.

  • Download: iOS


Securely take control of your passwords (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

With the plethora of social networks and online accounts we subscribe to, it’s crucial that passwords are well protected. To help with this security, apps like LastPass are essential as they offer management of your passwords and also suggest strong combinations to ensure your protection. The tool also allows you to activate the automatic filling of passwords on your iPhone, another hand on the wheel for everyday life.

  • Download: iOS

Apple TV

Application can be used to buy and rent movies (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

On Apple TV, you can check, in just one application, television series and movies for purchase or rent, or even from some streaming services that you subscribe to, such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO and Disney+, in addition to Apple TV+, its own from the company. Within the app, you can manage your subscriptions, create a library of what you’ve purchased and what you’ll watch, check out the highlights of each streaming platform, indications of releases and titles that are booming in the entertainment world — and a lot more.

  • Download: iOS


Configure your own widgets on iOS (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

With the arrival of iOS 14 in September 2020, it became possible to add widgets to iPhone desktops. With Widgetsmith, you can make your iOS screen look like you: the app lets you customize the widget size, changing text and background colors, borders, swapping icons and photos, and much more, with no limits on quantity . They can be created according to the aesthetics of your wallpaper, making the experience much more fun.

  • Download: iOS

Vellum Wallpapers

App brings curated images to your mobile screen (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Wallpaper is another way to personalize your phone’s interface. Vellum Wallpapers provides themed collections with wallpapers and is even updated with daily image suggestions. When choosing your favorite, you can access a preview of the result on the lock screen or the device’s home screen and apply blur effects to customize your background image.

  • Download: iOS

Apple Podcasts

Use the app to listen and follow your favorite podcasts (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Podcasters enjoy an iPhone native option to listen to their favorite shows. Apple Podcasts lets you subscribe to the shows you want to listen to, and choose the automatic download option, which automatically creates a queue so you don’t miss any releases. The app also has a page for you to explore which programs are highlighted and which are the most talked about out there.

  • Download: iOS


Spotify is one of the most popular options for streaming music and podcasts (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Since it was launched in Brazil, Spotify has fallen into popular taste, combining free and premium options to offer a vast catalog of songs and podcasts from around the world for you to listen to wherever and whenever you want. With the app, you can create playlists, check the week’s news, recommendations based on musical taste, access playlists created especially for you, among many other options.

  • Download: iOS

Google Maps & Waze

Google Maps is an interesting option for planning routes (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

When leaving home, whether on foot, by car, motorcycle, bus or bicycle, it is ideal that an application is at your disposal for consulting maps and routes. Fortunately, iOS has two of the most popular options: Google Maps and Waze.

Waze is suitable for tracking traffic information (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Both apps offer virtually all the same services, making Waze more convenient for those who are driving to check on the traffic. Maps, in turn, is equally effective when the path will not be taken by a car or motorcycle.

  • Download: iOS (Maps) | iOS (Waze)


Notion stands out for its versatility (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Notion goes beyond a simple notepad and to-do list app. With the tool, there are numerous possibilities to create files with links, media files, lines of code and insertion of other pages. In addition, the app provides features to organize your daily activities and manage projects in teams.

  • Download: iOS

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom offers different features to edit your photos (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

The camera is one of the most attention-grabbing features on the iPhone. In addition to the high quality photos, you can edit them your way in apps like Lightroom. Adobe’s tool stores your photos in the cloud, has its own camera and provides presets to apply the same editing effects to multiple images.

  • Download: iOS


FilmoraGo is option to edit videos (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

In addition to a photo editor, it’s nice to have a video editor in your app library. FilmoraGo is an interesting option, with an intuitive interface and tools to insert audio, special effects, text and even other videos in your editing project. The app also has customizable templates prepared for dimensions of social networks such as TikTok (iOS) and Instagram (iOS).

  • Download: iOS


Follow the weather forecast in your city (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

If you want to know if it’s worth leaving the house with a coat or an umbrella, check out AccuWeather. The weather app brings up-to-date real-time information, reports the weather forecast in detail, and can even be customized to your needs with real-time notifications and widgets. In the “Radar” function, you can find updates on maps about rainfall, winds and other alerts.

  • Download: iOS

Autodesk Sketchbook

Use the app to make drawings (Image: Screenshot/FreeGameGuide)

Sketchbook is a very interesting alternative for those who like to draw and enjoy creative moments. The drawing application has advanced tools and an extensive catalog with brushes and different effects, simulating pencils, pens, textures and other shapes. Your creations can be quickly saved to your devices or synced to iCloud.

  • Download: iOS

Did you like the directions? What free apps do you like that didn’t appear on the list? It says down there in the comments section, and who knows it will appear here in a future update.