4 min Apple Products prepares new AirPods Pro with exercise sensor and iPad Pro with MagSafe

4 min Apple Products prepares new AirPods Pro with exercise sensor and iPad Pro with MagSafe

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Last week Apple held its special event to announce new iPhone 13, new iPad Mini with iPad Air design and new Apple Watch, but the company has yet to hold another event in the coming months. Meanwhile, the brand is already preparing its 2022 releases, and details continue to emerge.

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In his latest Power On column, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman stresses that Apple has yet to hold a special event until the end of the year to announce the new MacBook Pro with mini-LED screen and new Apple Silicon processor, as well as the long-awaited AirPods 3.

AirPods Pro with sensors to record physical activities

(Image: Reproduction/Apple)

Meanwhile, Gurman points out that major design updates for the iPad Pro and AirPods Pro are expected in the coming year. Rumor has it that the second-generation AirPods Pro is likely to get a new, more anatomical shape for its silicone tips, as well as built-in sensors for logging physical activity.

The headset is likely to maintain the overall shape of the current generation, with short temples, and improvements in active noise cancellation and sound quality.

iPad Pro with Glass Cover and MagSafe

iPad Pro 2022 must replace metal back with glass panel to support MagSafe (Image: Playback/Apple)

The new generation iPad Pro should also be presented in 2022 with important design adjustments. According to Gurman, the models will feature a glass back cover that would support the MagSafe wireless charging system.

In addition, it is possible that the tablet could adopt reverse charging technology to recharge the new AirPods Pro by placing it on the back cover.

Still in 2022 Apple is expected to introduce a new Mac Pro with a design similar to the iconic Power Mac G4 Cube, new redesigned MacBook Air (both equipped with M2 chip), three Apple Watch models and its long-awaited augmented reality glasses.