30 sec Delta Health Variant makes covid-19 advance in Israel, model country in immunizations

30 sec Delta Health Variant makes covid-19 advance in Israel, model country in immunizations

At this time, Israel has been a true global example of vaccination against covid-19. By the end of February, 50% of the Israeli population had taken at least one dose of the vaccine, and currently, 63% of the Israeli population is fully immunized. However, the country has been facing an increase in the number of cases of the disease, even in the midst of this scenario. The question that remains is: why has this been happening?

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One of the main causes pointed out by experts is the Delta variant, which, being more infectious, ends up affecting the level of protection of the vaccine (although the immunizing agent remains highly effective against the most severe form of the disease, even so).

Scientists also mention the drop in immunity generated by Pfizer’s vaccine, initially the only immunizer administered in the country. The level of individual protection is 30% to 40% five to six months after vaccination, compared to more than 90% protection right after vaccination. It is noteworthy that, despite this drop, vaccination still prevents a significant number of severe cases.

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According to surveys, nearly 60% of hospitalizations in Israel are for people who are fully vaccinated. Another factor mentioned by experts is the speed with which Israel stopped restricting measures to control the pandemic. But the situation in Israel may change soon, as a third dose has been offered to the population.

In sum, scientists think that repeated exposure to covid-19 infection can over time transform the virus into a potentially recurrent disease, but with few serious effects.