3 min Connected Home Want to automate your home? Check out some essential tips for a Smart Home

3 min Connected Home Want to automate your home?  Check out some essential tips for a Smart Home

Connected home items have become more and more common in recent years and people are looking even more for new options to automate the home, whether with smart light bulbs — which can be programmed to turn on or off at a certain time — or even outlets , which allow you to turn on or off the power of appliances with a simple command. In all cases, comfort is even greater with the possibility of controlling everything by cell phone.

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However, some people may still have questions about how to start home automation. What to buy first? What devices are essential to start “connecting” a home? With that in mind, we’ve separated some important information, as well as expert tips, to let you in on the subject.

smart remote control

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One of the first and most useful items of a smart home might be the universal smart remote — a device that is basically capable of replacing any remote that sends commands via infrared.

With it, you can control TVs, receivers, air conditioners and even fans. “One of the main advantages of a connected home is to concentrate in a single smartphone all the commands you need to give your objects, and that includes cameras, plugs, lamps and, of course, appliances. If this is your objective, the Smart Control Universal is the first product you should purchase”, explains José Ricardo Tobias, responsible for the Positivo Casa Inteligente business unit.

An intelligent remote control combines the ease of installation — which doesn’t require hiring a qualified professional — with the comfort of centralizing the controls of various devices on the smartphone. Just download a dedicated app to configure all devices as long as they are compatible. With this, the user can say goodbye to standard remote controls to command everything by cell phone.

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smart bulb

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Perhaps the most common item in a connected home is the smart light bulb. With several options on the market, such as the brands Positivo Casa Intelligent, i2go, Geonav, Philips Hue and Xiaomi, the smart lamp guarantees the ease of being controlled by the cell phone and also allows settings to be turned on or off at a certain time.

Some options — like the Positivo itself — even allow greater control over the temperature intensity and brightness level to further customize the environment. Among other advantages, it also stands out the fact of choosing customized colors, to leave your living room or bedroom with blue, pink, green lighting, among other countless options.

  • Buy a smart lamp from Xiaomi
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  • Buy a Philips Hue Smart Lamp

Smart switches and nozzles

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For those who don’t want to buy several smart light bulbs and, even so, want the comfort of controlling home lighting by cell phone, some good options are smart nozzles and switches. With them, it is possible to control the lighting of common lamps and even customize times to be turned on and off.

Some of these options — such as Positivo’s smart nozzles — allow for simple installation: just plug it into a standard socket to be used. However, other alternatives, such as smart switches, may depend on a workforce with a minimum of specialization, since it is necessary to deal with the electrical installation of the environment.

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smart plugs

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Another great option — and which also has the advantage of not requiring a professional to be installed for installation — are smart plugs. With them, the user can turn on or off any electronic product directly through the cell phone.

A smart plug has the basic function of “cutting” or releasing the power supplied to an appliance. With it, it is possible to determine a time for a certain device to be turned on. This allows, for example, the user to turn on a coffee maker in the morning and prepare coffee before getting out of bed.

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Control everything with voice commands

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In addition to the comfort of controlling various items at home by cell phone, all the products listed here have the ease of being controlled by voice commands with the main digital assistants, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This way, those who have an Amazon Echo or Google Nest, for example, can still “replace” their cell phone with their voice and simply ask “Alexa, turn on the light” or “Ok, Google, turn on the TV” to have a totally hands-on experience -free.

Those who don’t have one of the virtual assistants don’t have to worry either — their dedicated app also allows for voice control, as long as, of course, it’s properly configured on a smartphone.

  • Buy a Google Nest Virtual Assistant
  • Buy a 4th Generation Echo Dot Virtual Assistant

Customizing scenes and automations

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Finally, smart home devices still allow greater control over scene creation and home automation.

There are countless possibilities, but it is possible, for example, to choose a time for the lamps to be turned off or on; set an outlet to turn off a particular device at dusk; or even set the air conditioner to increase or decrease the cooling level when the room reaches a certain temperature.

“If the user wakes up every day at a certain time and likes to turn on the TV to watch the news, he can simply program the universal control to turn the television on at the desired time and channel. The same goes for other paired objects, such as the air conditioning, which can be turned off automatically in the middle of the night”, concludes Tobias.