11 min Entertainment Responsible for documentary O Caso Evandro launches new podcast on Globoplay

11 min Entertainment Responsible for documentary O Caso Evandro launches new podcast on Globoplay

Globoplay continues to invest heavily in the distribution of podcasts and announced a new project headed by none other than Ivan Mizanzuk, creator of the Human Project and one of those responsible for the documentary O Caso Evandro. Baptized as Parallel Conversations, the new program works as a kind of talk show with guests who will discuss different topics on which they are specialists and scholars and which end up being left out of the mainstream media.

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The idea is precisely to explore this lesser-known side of his interviewees. In the first episode, available last Thursday (16), Mizanzuk received the humorist Marcelo Adnet, who spoke about his fascination for the study of national anthems and foreign languages ​​— to the point that he became a polyglot.

According to Mizanzuk, the idea is to go back to the origins of podcasts, following a similar logic to the one he printed on Anticast since 2011, when he started producing content for the internet. “I always liked to have good conversations, with interesting people, exploring unusual subjects. Let’s connect with the guests’ passions, seeking this unusual information”, he explains.

Humorist Marcelo Adnet is the first guest on the show to talk about being a polyglot (Image: Estevam Avellar/TV Globo/Disclosure)
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Although the first episode features a figure of Marcelo Adnet’s caliber, Conversas Paralelas will not always bring celebrities, also interviewing people who are not so well known by the general public, but who are references in their respective areas. Among the themes that should be addressed in future episodes are ufology, motherhood, music and gnosticism. “It’s not supposed to be a scientific research program, but an entertainment one. We will have information with lightness, long duration of relevance and the proposal to be fun”, highlights the podcaster.

The project is heavily inspired by some international podcasts that have a similar format, such as That’s Sexy and Money, which talks about taboos like sex and death with famous guests; and the Duncan Trussel Family Hour, a podcast that deals with irreverent subjects and puts the listener in the story. The program was the inspiration for the Midnight Gospel animation, available on Netflix.

Conversas Paralelas will be launched weekly on Thursdays on Globoplay and on major audio platforms.