9 min Entertainment The 10 most watched series of the week (19/09/2021)

9 min Entertainment The 10 most watched series of the week (19/09/2021)

The arrival of Star+ in Brazil coincided with the debut of new seasons of series much awaited by the Brazilian, which stirred the public’s taste and gave a new face to the list of most watched series in the week that FreeGameGuide is preparing Proof of this is that the This week’s ranking follows with the usual medallions, such as The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, on the rise along with news such as Murders in the Building, which seems to have captured the hearts of the people.

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In addition, other classics that were recently added to the streaming services catalogs also made it to the ranking of the most watched series in Brazil. This is the case of The Following, which has just joined HBO Max and has already made many people start a new marathon. Not to mention the good old Dragon Ball Z, which shows that decades are incapable of taking a classic from its place of prominence.

It is worth noting that there is still no official tool to measure the audience in series on the services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what to watch and also on what stream the content is available.

So, based on these data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched series by Brazilians in the last week.

10. Titans

DC characters are still on the rise. Titans tells the story of the famous group of teenage heroes, but with a slightly more mature and heavy grip with Robin, Beast Boy, Raven and company descending on bandit and facing some classic villains without the jokes that the cartoon brought.

Both seasons have been available on Netflix for some time now and the upcoming season three premiere made people rush to watch the episodes already available before the arrival of the new ones.

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9. Dragon Ball Z

The classic anime Dragon Ball Z remains firm and strong and shows that the otakus are really passionate about Goku’s saga and keep reviewing the series even though it was replayed to exhaustion on TV. Remember that the anime was completed in 1996, but that doesn’t stop fans from seeing and reviewing each of the nearly 300 episodes of the saga. It’s almost Japanese Chaves.

Perhaps the announcement that a new movie is on the way has triggered nostalgia and motivated her to revisit the battle of the Sayajins. Anyway, a classic is always a classic.

You can watch Dragon Ball Z at Oldflix.

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8. American Crime Story

The third season of American Crime Story has already started to be broadcast in the United States, but it remains unpublished here in Brazil. And while the episodes focused on the impeachment request of then US President Bill Clinton do not arrive, the Brazilian audience started to follow the first season of the series.

The first part of the series focuses on one of the most emblematic crimes in US justice: the trial of OJ Simpson, accused of having murdered his ex-wife and a friend in 1994. The crime shocked the country and the plot portrays a little of that story , showing all the controversies and twists of the case. A super production for true crime fans.

American Crime Story is available on Netflix.

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7. The Following

One of the best crime stories on TV in recent years, The Following has everything the genre needs to create an engaging plot. In the series, a serial killer escapes death row and returns to claim new victims. The detail is that all his crimes seem to be inspired by excerpts from the work of Edgar Allan Poe.

It is from this very curious premise that we are introduced to the character of Kevin Bacon, who plays an FBI agent who managed to arrest this killer in the past and who needs to return to the field to put him back behind bars. Thus, the series brings a huge load of mystery, urgency and twists that spice up a good detective story.

The Following has just arrived on HBO Max.

6. This is Us

This is Us is proof that people are always ready to cry some more. The new season of the series was one of the promises of streaming and, with that, the staff took advantage of the wait to revisit the history of the family that is trying to restructure and deal with the traumas of the past while everyone is dealing with new situations in their lives. It’s one of those scripts made for us to burst into tears.

Despite looking like a great drama, it is impossible not to get involved in the particular dramas of each of the characters, especially when we start to recognize ourselves in some of them.

This is Us is available in full on Star+. Those who have the channel in their cable TV package can also access it via Now or Oi Play. In Prime Video, there are only the first four seasons of the series.

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5. The Walking Dead

The saga of the survivors of this world taken by zombies proves why it is a phenomenon and is still present in our list of most watched series. Of course the tension and quality of the stories counts for a lot, but there’s also the fact that season 11 and final has finally arrived — albeit a Star+ exclusive. The Walking Dead is finally moving towards its conclusion and a lot of people are wrapped up in the story and ready to say goodbye to these characters after so long.

In addition to Disney’s new streaming service, The Walking Dead is available on Netflix, Now and Oi Play.

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4. Rick and Morty

The irreverent science fiction series, very well watered with acid humor, came to an end, which made the Brazilian run to marathon animation and follow the entire saga of the eccentric scientist and his grandson through reality and different worlds. After all, before saying goodbye to a character, the ideal is to marathon and prepare to miss him.

The cartoon has been a huge success since its debut mainly for its irreverent tone and the craziness presented, but also for bringing very serious and deep discussions amidst all the craziness and references to other sci-fi stories.

All five seasons of Rick and Morty are available on HBO Max. On Netflix, you can only watch until the fourth year.

3. The Paper House

The Spanish series has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its charismatic characters and the agile pace of its plot. And, now, La Casa de Papel is on its way to its end. Netflix has just released the first part of the fifth and final season, so it’s time to start saying goodbye to everyone and see how this story plays out.

This means that it is a great time for both those who have never watched the series to have their first contact with this universe and for those who are already in love with the characters, to do that goodbye marathon.

La Casa de Papel is an exclusive series from Netflix.

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2. Only Murders in the Building

With extremely charismatic characters, Only Murders in the Building is one of Star+’s biggest hits in its debut in Brazil. Starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short, the comedy tells the story of three strangers who find themselves involved in a crime in the middle of New York. After the mysterious death of a neighbor, they need to incarnate detectives and find out what happened.

The highlight here is the actors’ chemistry, which makes this rather unusual mix of cast work so well that it traps the viewer episode by episode.

Only Murders in the Building is an exclusive Star+ series.

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1. American Horror Story

The Brazilian is still hooked on a good horror story and American Horror Story is the darling in this regard, even more so with the tenth season debuting on Star+, allowing us to have new scares to follow. The good news is that, as the show works in an anthology format, you can check out the other seasons in isolation and still enjoy the spooky mood according to the theme you prefer.

In addition to Star+, American Horror Story is available on Globoplay and Now.